Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Happy Rabbit Year, everyone!

This is my third post of the day! I am getting all hyped up because of a new blog skin! Thank you mommy dearie in helping me with the renovation process. I love you!

I boiled the water and thinking of making hard-boiled egg. But then I went crazy and begin breaking the shell of the egg. Then I realised I did not need to do that. In the end, I successfully boiled AN EGG.

Sounds so stupid that I am happy because I managed to boil an egg with a cracked shell.

Wanna see what I had for lunch?

Ibumie with half a packet of AJINOMOTO with smashed hard-boiled egg. The yolk gave the noodles an extra delicious texture to it. Yum yum! I can eat this every day!

Today is Chinese New Year Eve so I shall take the opportunity to wish everyone a


Go buy a rabbit now and feed it with loads of mandarin oranges!

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