Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meet Brandy the PIG!

The spa was quite busy yesterday on V Day with some couples had to be turned away because it was fully booked. Before closing, I was eating a mandarin orange at the reception thinking there would be no guest walking in unexpectedly (hey, it was already 10.40pm) but then suddenly two men walked in and looked around. Fortunately, I managed to stow the oranges at one corner quickly. Phew! I swallowed whatever that was in my mouth and I hoped it didn't look like I was eating. :P

I have been keeping in touch with one of the rescuers of Petfinder.my and got interested in one of the puppies being put up for adoption. Her name is Emily.

A Retriever mix with lovely eyes. Tell me, which human won't go Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! looking at this pic?

This pose is a little unique. I think she was scratching herself.

The bad news is,


I expressed my disappointment to the rescuer and she suggested me another kin of Emily.

Let's meet Brandy.

What do you think? Does she look like a pig? Maybe not in this picture.

According to the rescuer, Brandy is Emily's aunt but I don't see the logic because she is only a month old while Emily is older by a few months. Plus, she is a Spitz mix. I don't understand why they are family.

A blue-eyed puppy! There's a little of a Husky look here.

This picture of Brandy looks like a pig. My mom said if we adopt this dog home, people will not know what she is. A pig or a dog? Hahaha! Maybe it's good to make people wonder and get curious at times.

The following are the details of Brandy. I guess it is still up for adoption.

For Adoption
Posted: 2011-01-29
Updated: 2011-02-15

Type : Dog
Rescuer : ktTan
Breed : Spitz Mix
Gender : Female
Age : 1 Month
Color : Brown, White
Size at Maturity: Medium
Hair Length : Medium
Vaccinated : No
Dewormed : No
Spayed/Neutered : No
Health Condition: Healthy
Location : Kuala Lumpur
Adoption Fee : Free

P.S. Currently waiting for my parents to be here any moment from now. They are going to have breakfast and lunch with me. Although it is just a short trip, I treasure every single moment I get to spend with them. I love you and Happy Belated Valentine's Day.

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