Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The effect of working in the afternoon shift

I am feeling so sleepy right now. I think it's due to too many days working evening shifts so my biological clock is used to waking up not earlier than 8am.

My shift ended at 4pm today but I stayed till 5pm because:

1) I want to accompany Whei Tieng longer


2) to fill my stomach before going home.

Tomorrow will be another morning session and I hope it will be a busier day because free time at the spa reception causes drowsiness.

What I had for dinner last night:

A packet of Ibumie Perisa Asli and Otak-otak bought from Macalister Road during lunch. Scrumptious!

When I can eat it again, I wonder? I shall wait for my parents to come to Penang for their holiday. Ah, that's it! :)

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