Friday, April 15, 2011

A quite lazy entry

Not the first time having breakfast at McD but it was indeed the first time ordering the family breakfast box. The name of the set sounded so heartwarming. :) Togetherness.

The box set and the coffee and tea

Curious to know what were inside?

Sausage McMuffin, Hash Browns, Egg McMuffin, Hotcakes (pancakes), scrambled egg

Time to tuck in!

Do you feel hungry looking at the picture above? I do!

After breakfast, I got on the bus and headed north to Butterworth.

After a two-hour journey from Medan Gopeng, I finally reached the bus terminal at Penang Sentral.

It was windy on the ferry. The best thing was, it was cold win. Not the hot wind you get on a regular fine weather.

A quarter after noon, I finally reached my destination. Wait a minute, grab a lunch before preparing for work first!

Wanton Mee. Only RM3.

Eyes can hardly open now. Nite nite!

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