Saturday, April 09, 2011

Yet another Saturday. Time flies!

The service at PCC was great today! Although I was late by 20 minutes because the bus made too many stops along the way. It was okay though. I enjoyed myself worshiping God in the precious last ten minutes or so. :D

Dinner of the day!

Fried rice with shredded fake crab sticks and pork! I think the pork was marinated with wine. Tasted so goooooddddd!!!!

Work schedule for the following week is out!

11 Apr (Mon): 7-3pm
12 Apr (Tue): 7-3pm
13 Apr (Wed): OFF DAY!!
14 Apr (Thu): 3-11pm
15 Apr (Fri): 3-11pm
16 Apr (Sat): 3-11pm
17 Apr (Sun): 3-11pm

Nighty nights, world! It's the end of another day. Thank you God for a wonderful day!

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