Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last day of April, the eve of Labour Day

The breakfast yesterday morning was fantastic. As I was working from 9-5pm, I was not expecting to have breakfast there. Maybe just a cup of milk to start my day at the canteen but the selection that I saw was very surprising, in a good way.

It was like a mini buffet. The sausages were delicious!

Later in the afternoon, Ernie asked me to go to Ferringgi Grill to help out after lunch. When I went there, no one was in sight except Kak Aishah who was vacuuming the place.

First time being at the fine dining restaurant of Rasa Sayang, I had to snap some pictures.

The view of Chi, The Spa from the restaurant

The view does look great from here.

Oh look at the ambience

Table for two

I love this place! Too bad my training in F&B is coming to an end.

Went to church with Alfred today and I was glad he had a good time. The title of the sermon was Instructions to the Rich. Interesting topic. Pastor Isaac was really funny!

One way to diagnose if you love God more than money or vice versa.

Which statement makes you sad?

1. There is no God.
2. There is not a single cent in my bank account.

There were a couple of statements to test but I forgot. :P

The initial plan after church service was to go to Gurney Drive for dinner but I wanted to let Alfred see where Eden Seaview and Pinang Emas are so we went to Leong Seng Cafe for dinner.

Chicken Sambal

After mixing the chicken with the rice.

Tomorrow is Labour Day but I have to work. Happy Labour Day to those who are resting from work!

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