Wednesday, April 06, 2011

After three months

I can't believe it's been more than three months since I have come to Penang. Life has been good so far and it all has to do with God's kindness and His overflowing blessing. For a start, I have never expected to be able to go to church regularly here but He makes it possible. On March 5, PCC has started their third English service in the evening so it means I can go to church anyhow no matter what shift I am working in the weekends. If I am working in the morning shift, I can attend the evening service and I can go to the Sunday morning service if I am in the afternoon shift.

I have been in Spice Market Cafe (SMC) for a month now. My supervisor is so kind to me that he said he will be giving me my off day and public holiday replacement for Labour Day back-to-back! This means I can go back to hometown for the weekend!! Praise be to God for His goodness! I can go back see the cuties again. :D

It's another week again!

This week's schedule:

4 Apr (Mon): OFF DAY
5 Apr (Tue): 7-3pm
6 Apr (Wed): 7-3pm
7 Apr (Thu): 7-3pm
8 Apr (Fri): 7-3pm
9 Apr (Sat): 7-3pm
10 Apr (Sun): 7-3pm

Time to hit the sack! Good night!!!

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