Monday, April 18, 2011

Missing the Elles!

I miss the both of them. Their antics and just the way they make me laugh.

Even this picture is making me laugh every time I look at it. Picture taken yesterday on the way back from the 'hotel'.

The schedule of the week is out once again. Can you believe it? I only have three weeks left in SMC and then I will be going to another brand new environment. I am excited to find out all there is to it for me to learn.

18 Apr (Mon): 9-5pm
19 Apr (Tue): OFF DAY!!
20 Apr (Wed): 7-3pm
21 Apr (Thu): 7-3pm
22 Apr (Fri): 3-11pm
23 Apr (Sat): 3-11pm
24 Apr (Sun): 3-11pm

The Seafood Buffet (Friday and Saturday) will be busy nights again. Ir's okay, I will persevere. :)

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