Monday, April 04, 2011

Mixed entry

The economy rice near Pinang Emas is not bad. So far I have been there twice.

What I had on Saturday (2 April). That patty is made of mashed potatoes and minced chicken meat.

These few nights had been busy so I finished work late. My supervisor, Krishnan decided to reward us by treating us after work at Khaleel last night.

Sinful food! Ice-cream on roti pisang.

Group picture with the people available at SMC. Actually it was the farewell for Nadia and Shu Jiun.

(From left, clockwise: Kak Niza, Arvin, Azman, Krishnan, Shu Jiun, me, Nadia and Siew Choo)

Went to Gurney today and bought my supplies of eggs and noodles and a pair of new shoes for work.

It's a backup in case the current one spoils. Hehehe!!

Yesterday was a special day at PCC because three new members got baptised. Enjoy the video!


Will be working morning shift for this week!! Hope I can go back home again soon!

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