Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last weekend of April

It's been another weekend back in Ipoh and I enjoyed myself tremendously although it was a short trip. Let's see what I did today.

 Went to Christ Church with mom and sis and it was a good service. Plus good food! The people there were so warm and friendly. Really felt like home. :)

Came back soon after that and it was shower time for The Elles. Here is a  picture of us bathing the reluctant Elsa. Every time we want to drag her to the shower area, she will lie down and pretends to be deaf.

Say Cheese!!!!!!!!!!

Time truly flew when I was enjoying myself and it was time for me to head to Medan Gopeng for my 3.45pm bus back to Penang. I will see you all again in three weeks' time!

I was still full from lunch at 2.00pm just now so did not buy the sandwich from the ferry. In the end, I bought a tin of biscuits from the mini market at Ferringhi and had a simple dinner.

A few delicious biscuits to line my stomach.

One last picture of The Elles before I sign off.

Immortalised in picture.

Last but not least,

Happy Labour Day in advance! 

Let's bid April goodbye and welcome May 2012 to our lives. May May (pun not intended) brings us more success and warmth. Erm, this is turning into a festive message. Hahaha!!! 

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Anonymous said...

hello did you use the new interface already. today I tried using it. Still very new to me but will learn or else will have to throw my blog away. so what time will you be resting. my phone is still in icu condition... turn red woh.