Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Happy Labour Day!

It is another public holiday! Happy Labour Day, everyone!

This is the day that I always plan to do some room cleaning but I end up procrastinating. I hate to say it but the 'P' word is ingrained with me. I just cannot shake it off! The next thing to think about is what to have for lunch. I hope the chicken rice stall is open so I can order my favourite chicken/roast pork rice.

My initial plan was to wake up early and shower so I don't go back to sleep. It did not happen. I woke up at 9.15am today. TWO HOURS LATE! But I shall give myself the excuse that it is a public holiday and no one should wake up early today. Hahaha!!!

My home has been under a minor renovation for a week now and here is the progress from Day 1 to Day 6.

Bricks nicely stacked                                                                      Daytime

Painted with cement and soon to be tiled                                  Beautified by tiles!


The other day when I was in Ipoh, I went to Jusco at Station 18 with my family. Dad got a voucher of RM50 for Nando's so we headed there for lunch.

The addictive chicken coated with Nando's special sauce!

Peri-peri Fries, Bread, Grilled Salad, Baked Potatoes and the main course - The Ultimate Nando's Chicken!

Another look at these pictures and I will need to go to Gurney for another round of Nando's. I shall refrain from looking!

Are you hungry already?

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Happy Labour Day ya~ =D

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