Thursday, May 03, 2012

Aerobics and the Naughties with the Great Walls

I had another good session of aerobics after work. I find today's session quite strenuous compared to last week's. Probably I was late so I missed most of the strenuous parts. My mobility today was quite limited as I was wearing three quarter pants.

Lesson learnt: You either wear long pants or shorts that hang above your knees. 

I realised something when I came back home after the session. I have yet to learn the name of the instructor although it has been two sessions working out under her. It is funny how getting to know her name did not cross my mind at all.

Every Thursday is workout day for me now! Nothing to be proud of, I know but to me, it is a great achievement as I will never take the initiative to exercise being the lazy person I am.

Mom sent me two pictures of The Naughties this morning. These are the two best photos ever as both of them have the same pose.

Elsa with her funny ears.

Elly trying to prove that she could do better with non-funny ears.

Tomorrow is the final working day of the week! What better way to spend the full weekend that comes after  that than to sleep through the day? Maybe mopping the floor?

I shall let my brain decide for me when Friday is over.

I heard, or rather seen the pictures, that the renovation at home is over (well, almost as there is more finalisation to be done in June) and the walls are quite impressive. They give off a feeling that we are all in a refuge and isn't this is what a home should be? It is the best decision being made ever! Fix a fan on the ceiling and we can all practically camp outside without being eyed by nosey neighbours. Only the neighbours staying opposite us can see our activities but a vision that needs to cross the road is not powerful enough to scrutinise our every move.

Now, the dogs can even jump up against the wall as they like without risking being poisoned.

P.S. Happy birthday, Foo Suk! You might not see this post but I still would like to wish you Happy Birthday for the second time of the year. Hahaha!!!

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