Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Saturday of good food

Today is Food Day! Come and check out the food that I had from morning till night.

BREAKFAST: Dim Sum at Sun Kok Kee Restaurant, Bercham

This was our selection. Scrumptious! We had another round of the furry balls and more rounds of tea (a compulsory beverage as accompaniment to the dim sums).

There were not many people at the restaurant considering it is a Saturday. A good experience to have breakfast there since there are less people around! I don't guarantee it is like that every week though.

LUNCH: Spare Rib Rice at Home-Cooked Recipe near Woolley

Our initial plan was to eat at the Taiwanese Shop near Jalan Yang Kalsom but it was not open (I think, as my sis showed me her friend used a voucher there today. Weird.) so we went to Ipoh Garden and had our meal there.

This was how it looked like when it came. One piece of pork for RM1 (according to Eunice) since there were only 4 of them and the cost of this meal was RM5.50.

It was quite delicious so no further complaints other than the number of pork slices.

DINNER: Tom Yum and Kangkung with Chilli Paste at Koh Samui

This was the highlight of the day when we had our most awaited tom yum at Koh Samui. It was my second time there and the place had not change much.

The tom yum that satisfied my stomach.

Looked pretty ordinary but the chilli paste was heavenly. I could just mix the gravy with my rice and finished the whole plate!

What better drink to order in a Thai restaurant than the Thai tea? Refreshing and thirst-quenching!

At the end of the evening, we were all bloated humans.

There was not a single drop of soup left! If only the lemon grass could be eaten, I would have consumed them too.

I am not exaggerating. Probably not many will agree with me on this unless you love tom yum.

Even the kangkung was not spared. Yum yum.

So that is the end of my Saturday in Ipoh.

Oh yeah, I finally collected my HND cert from the college. I am officially graduated now that I have the certificate!

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2 thumbs up for this post. Nice to read and I don't mind reading it for the second time.

Joanna said...

Congrats on graduating !! ( officially ! ) :p xoxo