Thursday, November 27, 2008

Miss Blondie Went To Dine

Another semester had come to an end. Time indeed speed its way through these few months. Why is it so? My sister had been wondering about this before and I remembered telling her that it is not that time has moved faster but it is the humans today that are so caught up with life and have no time to see how slowly time crawls.

I should count myself fortunate as I just need to worry about two papers whereas the rest of my classmates have more papers to think about. I just hope I could breeze through these two papers no matter how hard they are.

Today we had fun listing as many food and beverage terms as we could and at the end of it, we were divided into groups of three where we had to create a story using as many terms as we could from the board.

Want to read what Bih Tong, Patricia and I had come out with? This was how our story went.

(The name of characters are changed to protect the individuals who inspired this story. Those of you who heard the story in class, please keep the original names to yourself, thank you.)

One day, Miss Blondie decided to dine at an expensive restaurant. So, she took out her cellphone and made a reservation. A grouchy operator answered. Then she was asked about the necessary questions regarding her reservation and she hung up with a glee on her face.

There she went. When she was greeted at the entrance of the restaurant, Miss Blondie was amazed at how sophisticated the waiters there looked. Then, she was seated by a handsome waiter who later offered her water service. Miss Blondie was already beginning to enjoy herself even before the menu was presented to her.

When Miss Blondie saw the menu, she could not decide what to eat. WHAT THE CRAP! There were so many varieties of food from the appetizer to the dessert to choose from! So, she settled for a gueridon service. The waiter who took her order smiled because that service would cost her a lot of money.

The highlight finally came. A well-groomed waiter pushed the trolley to the front of her table and started preparing her food. The flambeing of her favourite fruit seemed to be her source of entertainment. She was laughing all the way because she had never seen anything like it before. At first, she thought that the restaurant was going to be on fire!

All of a sudden, Miss Blondie was interrupted by Mr. Fruitplus, her long lost childhood friend. He was alone and decided to join her for lunch. She had no choice but to say yes. Then, they happily enjoyed their meal when they heard a bang from the kitchen.

A waiter who was carrying a pair of serving gear fainted and the rest of the guests looked at him in horror. A tray of cutleries actually fell onto him which caused him his misfortune. Some of the people there unfolded some napkins and tried to give him first aid by fanning him to consciousness. But it all failed. Miss Blondie who witnessed all these suddenly had this crazy idea.

She grabbed the nearest wine bottle and hit the unconscious waiter with it. Miraculously, he finally woke up. He thanked Miss Blondie and decided to treat her a can of beer. Miss Blondie who was not an alcoholic declined and requested for a mocktail instead.

After the whole episode of the fainting waiter was over, Miss Blondie decided to order a pre-dinner drink. However, the waiter in charge of her table apologized and said that she should order a post-dinner drink. She went, 'Ooh, I see!' Feeling embarrassed for forgetting the definition of 'pre-dinner drink', she left hastily.

Mr. Fruitplus who still wanted to order a family service did not notice her sudden departure and continued enjoying his flambed peach.

Miss Blondie then realized she did not pay for her meal then called Mr. Fruitplus to foot the bill for her. However, Mr. Fruitplus was penniless so he was required to wash and polish all the glasswares of the entire restaurant for a week. Miss Blondie felt sorry for him but she was glad that she escaped the chores!

That night, Miss Blondie had a strange dream. She dreamt that the waiter who fainted that afternoon chased her in and out of the exquisite restaurant with a steak knife in his hand. Another image then emerged. She saw herself crumbing down a table for 40 pax and it seemed like a never ending duty. She woke up with cold sweat on her forehead and realized that it was blood after all! She took the napkin she accidently took from the restaurant and wiped it dry.

She had learnt her lesson. Never would she dine at such a grand place nor would she apply for a waitressing job at any food and beverage outlet.

Crappy story, I know.

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