Friday, December 15, 2006

saffy is drunk in car..

I took Saffy out for a spin this afternoon and I guess she didn't enjoy the ride after all.

Actually, I didn't plan to take her out since I know that would spell TROUBLE later on but I realised that I would be facing a GREATER TROUBLE if I didn't take her along.

The rain was pouring so heavily that puddles of mud could be seen at every corner of the street. I was alone. And I need to go out. Someone would have to prevent that DOG from rushing out of the house. I didn't plan to close the gates for I didn't want to get wet after the clean bath I had. My final decision. I'm taking her out with me.

If I let Saffy out just like that, she would come back all muddy and I have to wash her. I must not let that happen again. The compound would also be dirty. I could faint at the thought of the mess she was bound to make if I was careless.

So, I took out some newspapers from the living room and lay them down before pushing the dog in. She wouldn't budge. She didn't want to get in! After what seemed like a few minutes, I managed. She was seated quietly while waiting for the unknown to happen.

I started the engine and vroom!! She was startled and thought maybe the world was going to end and panicked. She was fidgeting and ruined the formation of the newspapers. I couldn't bother too much. I need to concentrate on the road, not on her. I looked into the mirror, making sure that she did not climb onto the backseat.

Finally, I stopped right in front of Convent, waiting for my sister to appear. No sign of her. I sent her a message and then turned to the back to check out on what Saffy was doing.

She looked rather quiet and still. Occasionally, she looked at the window, savouring the scenery in her midst. Then, I saw something funny. Her stomach seemed to be expanding and contracting, as though she had rubber in it. Next, it happened. Some foamy, bubbly kind of gooey yellow substance was making an exit through her mouth. She puked! Yuck! It was lucky that it landed onto the newspapers.

Phew! What a relief! The car mats are safe, or so I thought.

My sister appeared moments later and as she opened the door, she had the shock of her life. SAFFY IS IN THE CAR!! I could hear her heart screamed.

I assured her that there's nothing to be worried about and we continued the journey home. As I turned right towards Heritage Hotel, my sister witnessed what I had witnessed earlier on.


Yes, Saffy threw up for the second time. And this time I was not lucky. The gooey stuff flowed towards the mats behind the passenger seat.

When I reached home, I shooed Saffy out of the car (which she gladly did) and I gathered the newspapers, ready to discard them into a plastic bag (thanks to the numerous shoppings that my family does, we have loads of them at home).

It was the mats' turn. I dragged the 'offended' ones and sprayed them with water. Fortunately, the vomit came off rather easily and it was quite odourless. I thought the job would be disgusting and I was wrong.

When something does not stink, you will have no fear dealing with it.:)

I have asked my dad to get Saffy a chain soon. After that, I will have no more problem driving out alone on rainy days. :D

All I need to do is just tie her to the pole and she can do nothing but sit like an obedient kid waiting for candy.

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