Sunday, December 31, 2006

goodbye 2006..

Another 31st December has come. The very day that round up the year 2006.

Goodbye my faithful friend, 2006. The very year that had conjured lovely memories and some new experiences that will be etched in my heart as long as I live. It's also the most comfortable year as I have the opportunity to rest for almost half a year before working as a student once more with papers and pen.

I am pretty reluctant to welcome 2007 not because that I hate it. How can you hate something that you have not met before? It's simply because I dreaded its coming. Its coming means a lot.

I will grow older. Hence, that marks my final year of being a teenager.

I will have to work harder to achieve what I have been aiming.

And the doom of STPM will be too near to be true.

Sometimes I just want time to freeze and this moment stays on forever. I love the word RIGHT NOW and detest TOMORROW. When tomorrow comes, I always realise something. YESTERDAY has burnt and I did not benefit from it. Oh, how I wish I did something worthwhile. If only I had accomplished something to make tomorrow a day to be proud of. If only I had not been procrastinating and delay all the work that I have scheduled to be completed by Christmas.

PROCRASTINATION. A murderer of time.

Happy celebrating 2007 to those who truly love its coming.

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