Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy birthday, Elaine!

Two days ago, I celebrated Elaine's birthday with Alfred and we went to Bar B Q Plaza for dinner. The initial plan was to go to a claypot place but it was unfortunately closed. What a luck the birthday girl had.

But it was a blessing in disguise as Elaine had not been to Bar B Q Plaza before and she finally had a chance on her 21st birthday.

Look at the array of pork and vege on the large plate.

There was a promotion and Elaine got discount for what we ordered. She insisted on paying for the food and said that it was only 21 years once that she will be treating us.

And so we sat there for almost one and a half hours barbecuing away and making delicious soup!

The next agenda was either to watch a movie or to go for a karaoke session. We headed to Red Box and the price was crazily expensive. RM47 per person and to make it all worthwhile, we had to sing till 3 in the morning! Then we asked whether we can sing till 10 and pay at a lower rate and the cashier said no, we still have to pay the same price.

So we thought of finding a movie to watch and because I had wanted to treat her the karaoke session, I pestered her to watch a movie but she said she didn't want to. She suggested that we walked about in the mall and then go home.

We came across this shop that sold Bird Nest Tart at RM18 for 3 and I insisted on going in. As there were three of us, it was the ideal place to stop and rest while enjoying a tart each.

Elaine and I. Notice the many bottles behind us that contained different kinds of bird nests.

Our pao shen tea with the egg tarts. If you look closely, you can see the bird nest on the tarts.

Don't laugh, but this was my first time eating bird nest. Never would I have thought that my first encounter with bird nest will be associated with egg tarts.

I was going to pay for this but Alfred was being insensitive and took my chance. In the end, I paid for the parking ticket that amounted to RM4.50 with Elaine's consent. :P

I am already in my fourth week as a permanent staff! How time flies!

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