Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A day out with Melanie and Co.

Melanie came to Penang and fetched me to places today (Actually, Kent drove). I was still feeling drowsy when she called as I was sleeping after came back from work. As soon as I got into the car, I suddenly became less sleepy.

Kent drove us to a cake shop for drink/ice-cream and had a little chat. I had green tea and I have to thank Kent for the treat. :)

Thank you!!!!

The next agenda was to go to Hard Rock Hotel (yes, it is a tourist spot right now) and snapped some photos. Pastor Richard and Aunty Susan as well as some of their friends joined us at this point of time. We saw the sunset (well, almost) and then headed to Tanjung Tokong Food Court for dinner as the initial plan to go to Macalister Road fell through due to the heavy traffic.

We met up with Charmaine, Noa and Siew Kuan and had dinner together. I ordered roast pork rice but I was brought a plate of chicken rice instead. Never mind, I can forgive the stall since it was busy. Ever since I work in a hotel, my patience level has been going up. Thank God for the Patience Training!

Straits Quay was up next!

I looked at the beautiful yachts and wonder about rich people. Well, I can only watch from afar and not even touch it. I can only afford to own it in my dream. :P

Some beautiful cakes I saw from Sugar.

Angry Birds!

Mommy and I forever ♥

Who moved my cheese?

The classic Charlie Brown and Snoopy!

That's the end of my eve of Triple Pay Day and First Day of Raya!

Once again, Happy Raya Merdeka to everyone!!!!

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