Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dinner at Claypot Place and the debut of The Car

Elaine took me to a new place for food today. After watching The Loan Shark, we headed to a place with claypots.

The dishes that we ordered or what Alfred ordered for us.

From the top left: Claypot 'Hong Bak' Pork (Nyonya style), Brinjal with minced meat and Thai style tofu.

Each dish snapped individually.

It tasted like the usual Thai style tofu from other places.

This one is special. I had so much potatoes and I thought they put a little too much potatoes. I later found out Alfred and Elaine didn't manage to eat the potatoes. Oops!

My favourite! Quite delicious and it reminded me of Poh San's cooking.

Take a look at this car!

Why are you not orange in colour?????

Sexy black car

The interior.

Will be starting my night shift on Saturday till Wednesday and I am excited! Had a crash course of what I am supposed to do during night shift. I hope I can remember everything. :)

2 wrote a note:

sapphire blu said...

yummy! yummy! my saliva coming out already. why you did not order orange juice and ice-cream orange flavour?

Clovis Seeman said...

You're right. That car you've shown here would've been hotter if it was painted orange. That would definitely catch people's attention when you drive it through a busy street.