Sunday, July 02, 2006

a love story..

You will get this in every fairy tale. Once upon a time..... and the story begins. It seems to me like a ritual to start each story with the four words. I will start mine otherwise because it didn't happen once upon a time. It happened only yesterday, or maybe the day before.

As I've stated in my previous entry, Saffy has got herself a beau. I don't know where he came from but that minor detail about him did not matter at all. Shall I proceed? Sit back and let the story unfolds.....

It was a beautiful night with the presence of a full moon and a cluster of stars shining brightly, illuminating the dark sky. (well, it might not be a full moon because I cannot remember but love stories ought to have full moons and not half or quartered moons to make them more dramatic and romantic)

Okay, I am digressing. Let me get to the heroine of the story.

A pair of sparkling brown eyes were enjoying that night's scenery and was wondering how do the stars glow and about other trivial matters in life. As she stood by the the gate, watching and guarding at the same time, she saw another figure walking on fours coming towards her direction. No, there were two of them. Two of her kind. As the strangers of the night came closer and met her in the eyes, she felt her heart beating uncontrollably. Was it fear? Was it anger? It's my most honoured duty to keep this neighbourhood safe! I must bark. I need to bark.

Poor Saffy tried to get her voice out but she couldn't. Something prevented her to do so. Then, another incident which followed proven to be a test to the two strangers. The most determined one would stay and not give up to get near to Saffy. A teenage boy emerged and uncoiled the hose. Then, he slowly aimed the mouth of it and turn on the tap. The two dogs were sprayed with water and they fled. By now, Saffy had found her voice and she barked continuously, realising it was the right thing to do. The boy, satisfied with what he had achieved, went back into the house and Saffy was now left all alone, as she reflected on the incidents a moment ago. As she was doing this, again, she saw it coming. This time there was only one.

They exchanged greetings and the introduction began. (I don't know canine language so I am so sorry I can't interpret what the conversation was all about)

It was really a great date. They had moments of silence as they both continued to be mesmerised by the night scenery although the clouds had covered the moon but it was still a night worth to be remembered nonetheless. Occasionally, her beau on the other side of the gate would look at Saffy to tell her about how beautiful she was. Then, she would glance back at him and whined like how she does on every other day when she's hungry.

Time sure passed quickly when one is having a good time.

Soon, it was time to say goodbye and it was a reluctant one for poor Saffy. However, her beau promised her there would be another night when they would be able to enjoy the great sky again and express their feelings to each other. Saffy agreed to this and took him for his word.

24 hours later...

She was once again at the gate even before twilight came. Every second seemed to be like eternity and there was no sight of him. Maybe he has his reasons for being late. I will wait.

Midnight came. She knew he was not coming. Her heart broke for the very first time. She was hurt. She was hurt because of the broken promise given by her first love. Then, she made a terrible vow not to fall in love ever again.


There's a moral behind this story.
For the ladies: Never trust boys. They lie a lot.
For the guys: Never tell lies or you will remain a bachelor for life.

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KENNY said...

well well...actually some boys are trustworthy oso la....such as...ahem will never lie to anyone especially gals cos i dun wanna remain conclusion...nice and interesting story.....

Anonymous said...

YAY YAY!! saya setuju! boys kennot dipercaya. boys are mean and bad... i said boys.

Anonymous said...

lol...the way you decribed saffy and her 'beloved' is so funny and humorous !! i had a great time readin your..ehem... 'a dog love story' haha..eyh, post more journals in ur blog k..i'll be visitin ur blog anytime =)