Saturday, July 15, 2006

happy birthday, dad!~

Dad's birthday was yesterday, or rather a few hours ago. One thing I like about birthdays is that there will be cakes. Well, I don't exactly like cakes. Only chocolatey ones actually. Something like this one. Orange top and chocolate beans around the sides. MOM CHOSE IT! She has fine taste. No doubt about that. That's a credit for you, mommy dearie! The raisins are her idea. The cake didn't come with it. I wonder where she got those raisins from. Besides looking good, the taste is superb too. Okay, enough of cakes.

My appeal result to transfer to the arts is still unknown.

Two days ago, a neighbour of mine told me something about a dalmation loitering outside my house. Ah, another suitor perhaps? I didn't know she's so popular. I wonder how will her pups look like? With spots or no spots? And the new generation will be known as dal-fy-ish. (dalmation + saffy-ish). Oh, compound words are so much fun.

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