Saturday, July 01, 2006

my will..

If only I could turn back time. Well, if only I could. Things haven't been going smoothly for me lately. Life is definitely no longer a bed of roses and the thorns are growing in number.

Studying 8 subjects at the same time is not easy. I will die very, very soon without needing any terminal illness or poisons to aid me. I'll die buried under my books and this is what will be written as the cause of my death:

"Brain leakage due to unnecessary pressures caused by too much reading and writing. In conclusion, she was murdered by WORDS and FACTS. Therefore, these two elements are proven dangerous and ALL students are exempted from keeping in contact with them unless no further deaths are reported."

Oh ya, I need to write a will. It will be as following:

  • money-definitely to my parents and siblings. They can divide it into a ratio of 4:1. It will be my parents' choice as to whether they want to take one fifth or four fifth of it.
  • stationery set-my dear friends. =)
  • dresses-they will be auctioned.

Late night news: Saffy has got herself a suitor. I'll only let her marry if the suitor is good looking enough so that she can have wonderful pups. =D

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