Friday, July 21, 2006

goodbye to LSS5..

Today, I stepped out of the class of vibrant characters. The very class I shared all my joy and laughter for about 2 months. I'll definitely be missing all of you although I am no longer a part of the big family of the class, noisiestly the best, I should say. Anyway, here are some updates of how I am doing in my new class.

Lessons were fun today and I am relieved that I could follow up and understand when the teacher explained. Puan Fairoz said I looked familiar. Then she remembered that I came from LSS5. It just felt so weird to be taught by her again in a completely different environment. Oh ya, before I forget, the class consists of only 16 students, which is less than half of the number of students in S5. A quarter of the class are left handed - me, Kevin, Chin Hwa and Adele. Coincidentally, we are all sitting in the same row.

I realised that the class is quiet. All the chattering at the back of the class is all gone. No more turtle-ish Clarence to crack up jokes and Bernard with his oldies. No more small chats with Yew Wai and Wai Leng during free periods. No more Harpreet or Simran to turn the class upside down with their giggles. Oh, how I miss those moments! =)

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