Tuesday, December 12, 2017

What? Chiang Mai trip was three weeks ago?

It's strange how the year has gone by so swiftly. Is it just me who feel this way? People tell me, "Time moves at the same speed. It's just you." 

Let me tell you why I felt it was a speedy year. One example below. 

My much awaited and anticipated Chiang Mai trip had come to an end. It has even been almost three weeks since I came back. How fast is that? Deep down, there was a tiny bit of regret that I was not there at the opportune period to experience the cool weather. Nevertheless, it is no doubt a beautiful city of Thailand. 

It was my virgin trip to Thailand, and I went straight to the northernmost city. Apprehensive at first, thinking that the food would be out of this world - unsuitable for my usually picky tongue for strong flavoured food - I was surprised to be impressed by the variety of delectable and appetising local specialities. They were also quite cheap. When I say cheap, it doesn't mean RM1 meals but definitely worth what I paid for. Although I did have RM1 meals out of MAMA creamy tomyam cup noodles. If I were not afraid of dying early, I could eat them every day. They were for sale at 27 baht for 3 in a pack! Tell me how I could resist this drug in MAMA form. 

Another main highlight - Shangri-La Hotel Chiang Mai 

The grand hotel which is celebrating her 10th anniversary this year

It has a spacious and comfortable room with a bed that magically turned me into Aurora. If there was really nowhere else to go, I would definitely be happy to be a hermit tucked under my sheets, with my Kindle in one hand, whilst the other reaching out to the tempting steaming mug of Chamomile tea at the bedside table. 

Oh no, look at the time now. It's twenty minutes past midnight. Another proof that the needles on the clock are racing to the next morning, desperate to evilly drag me out of bed to work. 

I wish I could stay and write more. Well, I can always save this post as draft and build on it later but what fun is there to it if I procrastinate too much and it gets published probably years later? 

It is too mean of me to do that. 

Hope you were entertained by this entry I enjoyed writing tonight.

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