Friday, September 22, 2017

Day 3 in Pho Land

Finally got my iced coffee today! 


Had a first round of mixed greens dressed with sesame garlic dressing from the buffet line. 

From the menu, I picked the same sunny side up eggs with bacon, my favourite from the list. 

Also took the chance to try the cakes and cream puffs which I didn't take yesterday. 

Good combination of colours

After a quick rest at the hotel, we went to Ben Thanh Market for more souvenir hunting. 

On the way, I saw some beautiful ao dais on display. 
Window shopping done

Beautiful colours 

Time for the market tour and then lunch. Third day and it's finally pho day!

Look at the crowd inside the shop

Time to tuck in - Beef brisket noodle and Vietnamese iced tea

See the lime at the far corner? It's the usual condiment for all the meals I have had so far. 

It's more about eating and drinking today as it's a free and easy day. Right immediately after lunch, we went to Bach Dang for an ice cream. 

Coconut ice cream

It began to rain heavily as we left and we took shelter at Legend Trung Nguyen Coffee. 


Cool bookcase around the round window
We went back to the market after the rain ceased for another round of shopping. It was a productive day and we completed our shopping list. 

Time to eat again and this time, we went to Bahn Xeo. 

A famous place for pancake and the big headed prawns 

Scary big heads but really fresh and delicious

Look at that fat and juicy prawn

Group photo before sayonara

Today did not end very nicely for me as something unexpected happened. But thank God that I am safe and sound. 

I won't miss the one way streets and the bikes though. Traumatised.  

Flying back to Malaysia tomorrow. Time flies. Goodbye Ho Chi Minh!

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