Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My very first trip to Langkawi

Langkawi is a beautiful island. Scattered at one point, something which I do not like. But it's truly a haven for a chocolate lover like me. The shops there smelt like chocolates all the time!

26 December 2008

As we were supposed to leave at midnight (27 December), we went to the TNB office earlier (yes, it was the meeting point for everyone).

We could not see a single soul when we reached except for the guard who ended up being our tour guide showing us around the office.

There was this conference hall located at the top floor and I thought of an idea to turn my brother into a guest speaker.

Ladies and gentlemen! Hear me out. I have an announcement to make yada yada....

Then my sis tried to challenge my brother and gave her speech.

It's time to vote for the better speaker!

Soon it was midnight but the bus still had not reached. So I turned on the MP3 while sending messages to friends to kill boredom while waiting for it to arrive. It finally did.

20 minutes later.

27 December 2008

We reached at 5.30 am and I was still so terribly sleepy. My eyes were aching from the lack of sleep. I found that I had reached a very foreign place the moment I stepped down from the bus. Everything looked foreign to me. Then I saw the signboard which said 'KUALA PERLIS'. We then went into the waiting hall and looked around for seats. So we sat there and waited some more. There, I saw a woman breast-feeding her child in public. Who on earth with the right mind would do that? It was such a disgraceful sight!

Soon after that, we were told that our ferry will be the 7 am one so we had ample time to have our breakfast. The nasi lemak that I had that morning was just okay. I missed Ipoh food so much!

When we returned to the waiting hall, we were told that we had to wait for the 8 am ferry. It was only 6.30 am then! I was getting agitated. I was getting tired of waiting but I had no choice. So I got myself comfortable on a seat till I dozed off.

Time flew and soon we were on the ferry to Langkawi.

We then waited at the terminal for our public bus to arrive but something else happened. One of my dad's colleagues' wife collapsed and got into a fit. Then, she was sent to the hospital while the rest of us moved onto the bus to our first destination.

A shop that sells anything that have everything to do with sea cucumbers a.k.a. gamat in Malay.

It's incredible. I tried it with the tip of my finger. It was hot, but it wasn't burning hot.

We were taken to several stops and then at Beras Terbakar, we were alarmed by the news of the sudden demise of the wife of my dad's colleague.

At that moment, I realized how fragile life was. It's not that I do not know that fact, but it made an impact to hear about the demise of someone (be it someone I know or not) so sudden when she was appearing to be all right that morning I saw her at breakfast.

All of us cancelled our plan to go to Makam Mahsuri (Mahsuri's Tomb) and headed to the hospital to pay our respects.

The time finally came for us to check into our most luxurious hotel.

Er, not exactly. As a matter of fact, this is where we stayed...

I shall let the pictures do the talking because it's too disgusting to talk about the room. I don't even want to think about it. Yes, Patricia. I had a 'fantastic' accommodation.

It worked better as a heater.

The worst thing was, it could not be turned on.

Could not receive any channels although it had such huge 'ears'

This was the lobby

Someone got angry because of the atrocious rooms they provide and released his/her anger at the door.

I cannot see the sunrise while staying here.

I added the word 'PANAS' because the air conditioner was really very panas.

I added the word 'MOTEL' too because it does not have the characteristic of a hotel/resort.

28 December 2008

Instead of following the rest of the group to do some sight-seeing, my family planned our very own agenda... SHOPPING!

We headed off to Langkawi Parade (also pronounced as Praed by the locals here).

Then it was lunch time!

Mom ordered this.

Sis' and dad's choice.

We went to Pekan Kuah for the second time (the previous night being the first time) and did more shopping.

I saw this sign in one of the Haji Ismail's shops.

There are a lot of chocolates that we bought but I forgot to snap the pictures of them. Anyway, they look and smell and taste like chocolates so you can imagine how they looked like, right?

So how did we spend time at night in the lousy room? We played cards. Dad taught us a new game (old/childhood game for him and mom) called Ginrummy (a cruel game I should say) which required two decks of cards. It was real fun. Those who want to learn, I shall teach you. =)

29 December 2008

The happiest day of my life. It was a very seldom thing for me to feel so happy leaving during a trip but the accommodation played a big role to make sure my stay is not only memorable but enjoyable as well.

We packed our bags and got ready at the lobby at noon. The bus was supposed to arrive by then but it came only ONE HOUR LATER. No punctuality at all.

We reached the terminal at 1.30 pm and we hunted for food. Most of the food outlets were flooded with people and we wasted so much time looking for somewhere to eat that by the time the food reached us, it was already 1.55 pm (we only had 5 minutes to eat since we were supposed to gather with the rest at 2 pm).

I blurred my face because I hated my expression in this candid. =P

Getting stormy outside.

That pretty sums up my virgin trip to Langkawi. The next time I go there, it would be by plane. No more squeezing my way through the seas of people around at Kuala Perlis.

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puiyun said...

Hahahahahaha! Why didn't I read this last time??? This is so funny! Fi! You kept mocking and mocking! Hahahahahaha! I rarely see you angry! With all that sarcasm! Wah. You should get angry more often. =P