Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ebox and the dinner that followed

This post is a delayed post about my karaoke session with my coursemates at Ebox. I should forewarn all of you in case some of you anticipated to see pictures but as I am too lazy to grab them from Ju Dee, you all can go to her blog for the pictures.

So we assembled at 3pm and then stayed in one of the tiny rooms there singing our hearts out for four hours. I had a monstrous voice by the time I came out. What about the rest? They had the same problem with their voices I suppose.

It was really fun singing with them as they were really very considerate for 'bananas' like Ju Dee and me. Bih Tong really chose a lot of English songs for us. For that, I thank you. There's a pang of guilt though. The majority knows Chinese (Patricia, Bih Tong and Nick) but the selection of English songs were more than the Chinese ones. The next time we go out to Ebox/Kbox in Jusco, you all can choose more Chinese songs okay? Don't worry about me. I will only feel offended when the majority do not know Chinese yet the selection of songs are mostly Chinese. The majority always wins. =D

So after that, my sister and I went to Ola Ola for dinner. These were the items that came with the set. Oops, there are pictures after all in this entry. =P

Starfruit juices. Very good for the throat. I got my voice back after drinking this perfect remedy.

Mushroom soup and a slice of garlic bread. The perfect combination. I love it. <3

This was my choice. Grilled Chicken Chop with Brown Sauce. I was not that adventurous to try out new recipes. Classic is good.

My sis chose this. BBQ sauce chicken chop. Sweet.

I didn't know there was a dessert until my sis told me so. We were expecting to see fruits but they served us these instead.


Although it's only a scoop, but it's still a very satisfying dessert to finish off the main course. What do you expect to get from a RM14.90 set? I think it's reasonable enough. =)

When we were there, they were playing the instrumental version of Christmas/gospel songs when the workers there were mostly Malays/Indonesians. Maybe they were Indonesian Christians. Can't really be sure of that till I ask. But I didn't. =P

So Christmas will be here really soon and I still haven't done any shopping for presents. I need to brainstorm for ideas of gifts.

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