Monday, September 25, 2006

brain mutation..

I hate Mondays. I especially hate today for the assembly lasted for 45 minutes! Can't they just reserve some of the announcements for another day? Or if they really can't, something drastic should be done to the speeches...=)

The topics for MUET discussions today:

  • Men are better drivers than women (I was in the proposing team.)
  • Men are better leaders than women (Oh, shoot! No more proposing as we swapped with the other team. A very lopsided topic-dificult to oppose..tsk..)

The result? My group LOST...!! The result was predictable though. With me in the group, being the never articulate and senseless speaker I am, it'll be a wonder we would win.

I messaged X and she replied. Apparently I was being the sensitive one. She's not ignoring me. It's just that she's busy preparing for her exam. Well, I should be doing the same right now. But what is wrong with me? I need to tune my brain into the right channel. The studious channel.

I am still the same girl as I have been all these years. If anyone notices anything about the change in my style in writing, I bet it's good news. I didn't notice anything different as I am still using my same, good old brain which comes in a package with me since birth. Could it be a ....


Fellow scientists out there! Come and inspect my newly-mutated brain!! :P

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Carbon14 said...

You're already tuned in...Just work harder towards that goal.