Friday, September 15, 2006


Tomorrow, I will give all of you a test. Well, that was what my maths teacher told the class yesterday and yet I proudly came and sat for the test UNPREPARED when I know very well I should have prepared.

First question was on partial fractions. I knew that question! Or maybe not. I did the division and I got stuck. Hanging the answer in the air.

Question 2: Solving the inequalities. *head scratching* The equation apparently couldn't be factorised. Mystery. My mistake probably.

The third question: Not another one on polynomials! *faints* (brain froze and proceeded to read the final question).

The finale: The worst was here. I am confidently sure that I scored zero for this one. Complex numbers. Very complex indeed. I could no longer think as my brain was frozen. Too much of brainfreeze juices, perhaps. It's weird though, because I did not have any in the 24 hours before I sat for the test.

Maybe it's this dessert. It's just impossible as I ate that 2 last week. The effect should have gone by now.

The effect of brainfreeze ice-cream lasts longer.

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Anonymous said...

so small plate get brain freeze? wei. never tapau and send to me ar?