Tuesday, May 31, 2005

it's best to forget..

quarrels can be terrible but it gets better when you manage to get it out of your head..just as though nothing had happened the next moment you see that person..well, this was what happened yesterday when we (my sis and i) were preparing for dinner..

"no, you shouldn't cut it that way.."

"let me do it my way, won't you?"

"up to you then.......why did you use the butcher's knife to slice it?"


i got so angry the next moment that i stormed out of the kitchen after shouting at her-asking her to do the cooking all ALONE!! maybe i was being childish at that time but don't ask me why..i didn't know why i got so upset with her yesterday..maybe i am just too emotional..
anyway, i went into my room, closed the door and turned on the radio at full blast (now i know this is a very effective way to release tension)..however, fifteen minutes later.......

"come down and eat....!"

that was my sister. i came down and can you believe it??? we TALKED!! as if nothing had happened between us..it was like she forgot all about the shouting i did and i answered her..well, you can say, pleasantly..

i'll be going for camp tomorrow so i'll be missing the internet..will only be back on the 2nd june..hope i'll have fun..!!

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