Wednesday, January 24, 2007

teachers that i love..

An entry I typed for the sake of Miss Chan Suk Wai. You better be reading this and post comment as I am a rare blogger who rarely blogs.

As uneventful as it is these days, I still find school a nice place to study despite the stress that has been constantly developing knowing that days are burning and before I realise, it's time for the major war.

Sports practice begins next week (if I am not mistaken) and I am still feeling a tinge of laziness not to start doing any practice of that sort. By the way, I still love CHESS! I guess that is the reason why. I will never like the outdoors (except for occasional outing in the park, of course:D).

Something that I wish to share. A very touching and thought provoking story of a boy named Teddy Stoddard.

I nearly got all teary after reading. I hope I will be like Teddy. Never to forget my teachers, especially my favourite ones since my primary school days.

When I was in Standard One, my favourite teacher was my class teacher. She ventured into a jewellery business later on and gave up on teaching. She was a whole lot of fun!

When I was in Standard Two, I used to like none of the teachers. Why? Because I compared them with my class teacher the previous year and I found them not as interesting.

When I was in Standard Three, I love my English teacher. She was rich (still is, I think) and drove a sporty red car. Everyone used to stare at her glamourous vehicle and I heard her said once "What are you looking at?" to the staring eyes. From that day on, no one dared to look obviously in her car's direction. Her name is Mrs. Ooi. She taught the class a lot of songs to spice her lessons up.

She remained as my favourite teacher for the rest of my primary years right up to the year I sat for UPSR.

In my secondary years, I love all my maths teachers.

Now, I love my Economics and Maths teachers. They are dedicated in their jobs which has earned themselves credits from me. Haha! As if my opinions mattered...

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Anonymous said...

WHOW- datz da 1st thing in ma mind. hehehe. thnx la for writin ma full name, but hey i tot u start calling me dumb dumb babi hutan pumbaa sumthin? LOL
im surprised u c, coz popo like u culd actli memba things dat hppned back to primary one. salute u!
too bad on da 3rd u cant come, else u can join ur FAV CHESS tournament! haahah. can teach us how to play summore *winkz*
well, form e. i think i oni lurve ma english teacher! hehe

u haf been tagged! check ma blog in frenstza! hehehe