Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More trees killed

Been gone for about a week because I was online almost all the time yet do not feel like typing anything. Hence, the lack of updates. Deepavali break comes to an end too soon. Sigh. I wanted to eat more curries but did not have the chance to 'accidentally stumble' upon any Hindu friends' houses. I only went to one and only house on the second day of Deepavali (last Monday) and there, I met with two lovely doggies.

Meet Spotty and Baby.

This is Baby. She is so fat and makes a fine pillow. She sleeps and eats most of the time.

When I first wanted to touch her, she was very cautious and attempted to bite me (for real or not, I am still not sure). Luckily my reflex was fast enough.

He is Spotty. Compared to Baby, he has less spots. His head looks very different from his body, you know, like they are not suppose to belong to each other. He enjoys having his ears being pulled to a certain extent. He treats Baby like his own sister because he does not hump on her. Or it might be the fact that Spotty finds Baby too fat.

He was friendlier and easier to approach during our first meeting.

So that was the highlight of Monday. For the rest of the week, I watched movies and do the daily stuffs. So boring yet so interesting.

All individual assignments have been handed up! Now it's time to kill the group one. Let's mourn for the dead trees as I will be using more and more papers to prevent from failing practically every semester. Why they make assignments so important for gradings, I have no idea.

Can someone please enlighten them about Mother Nature??

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Ken Wooi said...

nice dogs..
and about assignments? i wish they can change to a softcopy submission.. =)