Monday, October 12, 2009

O'Nite and Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!

The annual Orientation Night of Olympia College was held at Royal Ipoh Club two days ago (10/10/09). I pretty much enjoyed myself except for the fact that our food are 'robbed' from us too soon, even before we were able to finish it.

There are many pictures but I am lazy so I am only posting a few here. The rest are posted in Facebook.

Table number 15

Soup of the day. A little too salty.

Now here is the salty soup and the sourish bread.

Some fried chicken with hash brown and cold vege. Not tasty at all. The chicken contained too much fat.

At that time, we planned to stop eating as we were going to perform later but one of the waitresses insisted that we finish our course there and then as she wanted to serve the dessert. I was imagining the dessert to be the size of a dinner plate so she needed the space to serve them. So, we gobbled as much as we could and the dessert was served.

This made me got so mad. Where is the dinner-plate-sized dessert?

It's even smaller than the coffee cup.

Speaking of coffee, they cleared the cups even before we finish them. We went up on stage, leaving the coffee on the tables and when we got down back to to our tables after the performance,


... the coffee cups are all gone. So maddening!

Pat and I. I tried to make you less Bella Cullen like and I think I did a pretty good job.

But in this photo, I didn't manage to. Hi, Mrs. Cullen!

Stephanie Tun. She was one of the candidates for Miss Olympia 2009.

The night ended with a blast and I captured a video of Patricia and Suren dancing!

After the night when I got home

I looked tired. Indeed I was.


Today is your special day. Hope Mr. D will leave you soon.

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