Saturday, October 17, 2009

Loneliness can be awesome

My mind is so cluttered with many things right now so this shall be a post typed non-chronologically.

I have always loved being home alone. I don't know. Maybe I just want to have the house to myself once in a while. Have fun in Singapore for the two missing people at home and remember to buy souvenirs. To mom, I miss you already. I can't wait for November 7 to come by. Till we meet again in reality. Time being, we are only going to meet in words online and offline - sms/call. I wish I have 3G function in my phone now. Maybe it's time to get a new phone *hinting dad to give me money to buy new phone* =P

This morning when I was at the bus station, I saw Pastor Don and Angelina waiting for their bus to KL. It's so unusual to see them wearing so casual. Too used to seeing them wearing formal in church that I have never imagined them wearing casuals.

The accident on Thursday made me have the desire to turn back time and started thinking of all the what-ifs. What if I had let her reverse first before I did? What if I stayed behind in college just for another minute or so? What if I didn't drive at all that day? It's all useless because I cannot change the fact that it had happened.


Happy Deepavali to all my Hindu friends!

Sorry for the late wishing. Please invite me to your open house if you see this post. Haha!! =)

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Anonymous said...

read your post. miss you so much