Monday, October 05, 2009

Meeting up. Set lunch event.

It was planned that we were to meet during the Raya break but in the end, we met up one week later. We watched The Perfect Getaway together and managed to sort of guess what would happen next. It was a good movie. Then we walked and walked till we decided to find somewhere to sit and continue catching up with each other.

Take one. My hair's almost gone in the picture. I don't care. I must snap another one.

Take two. Better! But Joanna was not ready. Come back to Ipoh soon and we shall get a perfect shot! Hehe!!

It's amazing we can still keep in touch after leaving school for quite some years. Let us keep it up for another ten years or so and see how it goes.

The next day was another meet up with another friend, Ei Leen. I have known her since Standard One. One fine day while I was sitting alone in the canteen, and there came her parents approaching me and we have been friends ever since. That's a good 14 years of friendship although there is a nine years gap of not seeing each other. The last time I saw her was when she was 13.

And here we are, both 21 and looking dashing in our own ways (ahem, narcissism again!) taking interest in different fields, meeting up again after so long. Indeed, absence makes the heart grow fonder.


The set lunch today was the most tiring one. I serve plus clean today. I am having a bad feeling that this will be our final set lunch. If the future ones will be having MIA members like today, it'll be disastrous. We took less orders this time round so it was at least manageable. Not many complaints aside from comments such as "too little gravy but the chicken is nice...." (luckily there's always a 'but' after the negative remark).

The main course with rice topped with egg, fries, chicken with Rooney's special home-made sauce, salad with mayonaise and the vege I hate so much.

The desert. Konnyaku jellies which I spent my entire Sunday night on with three slices of watermelon.

Time to catch up with Alice in wonderland. Zzz.

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