Thursday, October 08, 2009

The ugly side of foie gras

This is the story behind the delicious and luxurious foie gras that you eat at restaurants.

Tell me, can you not feel anything after watching that video?

Money IS indeed the root of all EVIL. The people who do not care for the feelings of the ducks are no different from serial killers who go on a rampage killing. Even the latter seems to be more innocent. At least they do not torture their victims before slaughtering them unlike the breeders of geese/ducks who force-feed them + torture them by squeezing them into tiny cages so they cannot move and finally die suffering from the liver disease. And the diseased livers are sold as a delicacy in restaurants to ignorant patrons.

Wake up, people! Foie gras is disgustingly inhuman. I have never tried and WILL never attempt to eat this disgusting delicacy. I don't want to enjoy at the expense of the ducks. That would have made me cruel as well.

The world does not need foie gras. If only I had the power, I would ban its production for good.

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