Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ISPCA Food Fair and Deepavali

Went to the ISPCA Food Fair on Sunday (7 November) and I was expecting to see some dogs but sadly, there was none. No matter, I had tasty nasi lemak with ayam masak merah and black tea from 18°C. Didn't expect them to set up a stall.

I reminisced the time I was up there for choir last Christmas.

Look at the surroundings! A considerable large crowd for the morning.

And here's a picture of Eunice eating roti canai sandwich.

Say 'Cheese'!

Nasi lemak


Sold only at RM3 per cup. Normal price at RM2.50.

Performances, more of like self-defence demo.

That sums up my morning at the Food Fair.

In the afternoon, we went for Deepavali lunch at Uncle Electric Bus' house. Of course, the main attraction there is Brownie.

Look how big he has grown!

This is the only way Eunice can be in the picture with the dog. He is still scared like Scooby Doo.

Trapped behind the chair.

Brownie in motion with Baby scratching ears at the back.

And this is Brownie's brother. I present you....

CLIFFORD! Currently staying with a neighbour of Uncle Electric Bus.

Thank God for the good food we had that day. My first muruku this year.

2 wrote a note:

Joanna said...

Roti canai Sandwich !! THat's new ! haha. And muruku .. !!! Aak ! Good to be back. We need to arrange a meet up date my dear !!! ASAP !! LOL

sapphire blu said...

i love reading this post. have been here two times. Just love Brownie so much. "Can I borrow Brownie to play at our house please, Mr. Owner of Brownie. I promise to be nice to him return him to you within a day. please... please say yess"