Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ignyte Youth Outing on 30 October 2010

Once in a while, it is good to get out of the four walls and be closer with nature. That's what we, the Ignyte Youth members did! The outing to Taiping as well as to the first museum in Malaysia is a very good experience and a great escapade, especially the Armpit Banana incident.

The first thing we did as soon as we reached the park was to fill up the balloons with water.

It's seriously not easy to fill up balloons from tumblers as the balloons did not get enough pressure to expand as the water was filled in.

The game master, Chee Foo hugging the tree for don't know what reason.

Pastor Jenny at the back supervising us at work.

More air than water. Doesn't matter though.

Yi Kit with some of the balloons filled.

The duo teaming up to successfully fill up balloons with water.

The game started!

Pastor Jenny again - posing in this shot.

Interesting picture. Can you see what is so interesting about it? Pastor Jenny has a very nice pose!

Chee Foo said something wrong so he was hit!

After the game, we walked back to the parking lot for our next agenda - lunch. On the way, I saw a huge golf ball and decided to pose with it.

Let's go for a hike!

3-layered tea! Thirst quenching!

Popiah for lunch

The members eating. We were all so hungry.

Yummy yummy!

The sky got darker when we reached Perak Museum. Being the first museum that was built in 1886, it was absolutely a worthwhile visit for us who do not appreciate history. We learn to like history while we were there.

Looks a little bit like St. Michael.

The entrance


The following pictures were most of the artifacts displayed within the museum. According to the rules, photography was not allowed but we were all on a snapping spree! No one bothered to reprimand us for clicking, clicking and clicking all the way through.

Old drums

Some of the skeletal forms of animals

Felt like in Jurassic Park

Let's take a guess which animal this skeletal form belongs to.


Wild cat


I have never seen the skeletal form of an elephant. So this is how it looks like.

A cute furry animal which name I have forgotten.

The monkey family

Hey, wanna be friends?

Vampirish looking creature.

They look funny in an eerie way.

Mr. Beaver

The process of processing steel.

Traditional Indian food for Deepavali

Chinese New Year food for the Chinese

The Malay food during Raya

Puteri Perak's outfit

The skeleton of a python

The place where the king sits

Musical instruments:

After a while, we grew tired and sat down.

Eunice as the photographer


Finally, it's time to go home. Everyone had a great time dashing through the rain. Taiping is indeed a raining town. Thank God for the wonderful time we had. I think this is the post with the most number of pictures after six years of blogging. There's more in Facebook.

From my album: Perak Museum

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