Monday, March 15, 2010

Take a break

The darkest period of my life is about to be over. I am so glad.

Will be watching Alice in Wonderland with Joanna this Friday and I can't wait. Hope that our date will work out this time. Haha!

Feeling stressed out for so long and now it's time to take a good rest before finals.

I love the 'TAKE A BREAK MESSAGE' you sent me, mom. It did energized me by a little. It's the little things that lift me up. Thank you. :-D

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Anonymous said...

it has not been raining since last night. the weather is getting humid and warm again. Alice In Wonderland is a very nice story. if you want more spoiler about the show let me know k? just kidding. you watch yourself and you will know what I mean by "is a very nice story" I think it is the best movie i have ever watched this season. till another time and remember to update more.. the more you update your blog the more you gain.. gtg.. see ya again.