Friday, January 21, 2011

Walking routine continues :)

First time working from 10am to 6pm. Time flies pretty fast in this shift. I like it. My walking routine has begun and I feel refreshed each time after walking. Thank God for the strength and energy. :)

I printed out the promo letters for today and took in some reservations. That's what receptionists do. The only thing that I need to learn more is about the different payment methods and how I should print the bills if guests have room package, vouchers and so on.

In the evening, Melissa and Amelia came with a cheese cake. They said it was especially for Spa department only. Hehehe!! Thank you so much for the delicious cake!

Zaki officiating and cutting the cake.

Had white rice + chicken + some fish fillets for lunch and dinner. I don't know why I find the food delicious up till now. I am still not bored of the food yet.

Last day of working for the week tomorrow! Can't wait for another Sunday service at PCC!! :)

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Never Ending Story said...
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Never Ending Story said...

January 22, 2011
Gloomy Day

Woke up with a heavy head. How I wish I have the machine where I can see what's inside but when think deeper better don't have that machine or else sure I will be scared to see an alien in me.

Will be going out soon to drink Taiwan pearl milk drink.. Wah ehwah... got black pearls inside the drink. Wonder how much does a pearl worth. Will buy something for someone special. Though it will be just an old fashion gift. Not to forget to buy essence chicken drink for computer man too. Why I buy? well, don't knowlah he don't want to charge me for the computer Vista Pack 2 maintenance. Hope the essence drinks will give him incredible energy to repair my pc next time. My pc/ well actually not mine. Mine spoilt long long time ago. One day i save rm50 cents to buy a new one in future. I am using housemate's punya.

While typing i am listening to songs over mivo but seems today macet terus.. Not much mood so I will just end this boring short comment with gloomy day. About to rain.

Vroom... vroom going off now..

Never Ending Story said...

January 22, 2011
Cool Weather:

HUNGRY!!! so so hungry but the thing is I am feeling so lazy to cook. Who can help me as I am home alone now. Ahaa... maybe I should eat cintan noodle again. People say it's really bad for health but I have no choice as laziness suddenly strikes me at this moment.

I love the weather so much today. So cooling makes me feel sleepy. But how to sleep with my stomach going zero (no food yet)

To forget about the word "hundry" just now I had my lunch from a mini Taiwanese Restaurant. They ordered don't know what "Tofu Tepanyaki Style" When I had the first taste in my mouth... errh... so sour one but as I began eating, hey not so bad after all. Ordered the precious black pearl milk tea too. Had to wait long enough as the person in charge said have not cooked the pearls yet. What??? no yet cooked? I asked them if I had to wait till 10 pm they say no no woh. In the end I had to wait for another half hour and the pearls in the tea can be counted. One... two.. three... four... five... six... that's all so expensive loe rm4.90. Maybe nowadays black pearls very expensive hard to find that is why. For me to return to that restaurant again will be about 10 percent chance only..

Oh... my stomach screaming so loud can't write no more... so till another time got to get up slowly and walk to the kitchen to cook cintan.. Mee cintan sedap dimakan dengan begitu saja... eh eh silap must cook first.

Come join me eat mahu ke... hehe.

End off here with slightly drizzle