Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Still waiting for the rain, yet it's still not here. I'm glad I don't have to go to college these days and suffer heat stroke from wearing the thick blazer. I'm bracing myself for next semester in preparation for more heat. Feel like thinning my blazer if there is a way to do that.

I have selected a new serial drama to watch. The story revolves around a girl named Lyka who was born with a curse that transforms her into a wolf at every full moon starting from the age of 21. She fell in love with her childhood friend who does not know about her nature and how would he react when he finds out? Stay tuned on TV3 on every Monday to Thursday from 3-4pm. The episodes that is currently being aired are just up to 25. It's still not too late to watch for those who are interested.

The title captured my interest a few days ago and I went seeking for the videos on Youtube. Too bad the uploader only has 7 English subbed episodes. The rest of it are only synopsis of every episode which I have to get from this site: Lobo (which means 'wolf' in Tagalog)

Here's a little bit about the drama (pictures and texts) entirely lifted from the same website.

Lyka (Ulay) and Noah (Jay-Jay)

Two lovers who find in each other their greatest source of joy and their deepest source of despair.

They form a bond as children only to lose each other as they grow up. They meet again as strangers, finding an unexpected connection in a world filled with uncertainty. They fall in love, eventually discovering they were the same children who sought and found comfort in each other in the past.

Now they will find their love tested beyond compare when the truth of their destinies are revealed. This is a tale of ill-fated lovers who will go against all odds to be together, defying and challenging the very Fates that conspire to tear them apart.

The story reflects the truth about the very nature of love. That is beautiful, mysterious, life altering, healing and humbling. We all kneel in the face of love, it is the only true power we have to change our world. That in the end, love chooses to surrender than to fight and that is what makes it the ultimate victor in any battle. It should say something about the courage it takes to truly love someone and to go on that journey together.

LYKA RAYMUNDO (Angel Locsin)

She is strongly motivated by her dreams to become a famous fashion designer. But for now, she enjoys her job as a fashion assistant in the "House of Elle". However, her zest for life will be dimmed by the harsh truth of her real nature. On the brighter side, she will capture the elusive heart of Noah. Is her love stronger than the decree of fate?

NOAH ORTEGA (Piolo Pascual)

Working as a Second Lieutenant in the Philippine Army, Noah is known for his intelligence, skills and speed in combat. Behind his quiet and mysterious look lies a man who is capable of loving deeply. Will he defy everything he believes in for the sake of love?

I hope this drama will not be disappointing because long running series seem to bore me when they get too draggy. I want the storyline to progress fast.

Feel like starting a new cross-stitch project after resting my fingers from needles and threads for more than a year. What picture should I stitch this time? Will be off to the shop tomorrow to see what interests me.

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Nicky said...

I love She-wolf aka Lobo :)
Lyka earned iEmmy nomination for best actress in 2009 for that role :)