Sunday, April 15, 2007

happy birthday, esther!!

A very special post dedicated to Aunt Esther.


It's a little late but it's the heart that counts, right? :o)

Friday, April 13, 2007

visual dna..

This thing is quite accurate. :o)

Monday, April 09, 2007

on april fool's day..

How long have I been absent? More or less one month? Anyway, lots have been happening and I don't think I could write it all out. It'll take centuries for me to do so.

This month has been a pretty good April for me since the first day of the month. April Fool's Day was really fun. I managed to trick quite a number of people with success.

I told my mom that Superstar has been cancelled since one of the contestants encountered some problem. The funniest question was, "What happened to him? Is he dying?" I couldn't help laughing and I gave a congratulatory message to her which sounded like this, "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'VE BEEN FOOLED!"

I lied to Gary saying that the chess competition in KL has been postponed to the 28th April. He tried confirming with me and I told him that it's true. I waited for his reply and there wasn't any. So I suspected he must have called his friend to confirm the date. I sent this to him, "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE BEEN CHEATED! HAVE A NICE DAY!" Soon enough, he replied saying he called all the way to Singapore to ask his friend about the competition. His friend had a good laugh at him knowing that he was tricked. LOL..

Here's another good one. I messaged Chia How saying that I was outside his house and asked him to open the door. It was a bit tricky trying to outwit him though. He replied, "Come la." Okay, that was not enough to send the congratulatory message to him. So I sent another message saying that it was very hot outside the burning sun. Again, his reply disappointed me. "I can't see you. You are on the tree is it?" I told him to look left and assured him that I was not on the tree. Then I confessed the 'truth' saying that my intention was to tell him that a girl likes him. I was pretty sure this will work and it did! He replied, "Who is it la? Is it you? Haha.." Then I sent the message: CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'VE BEEN FOOLED! HAVE A NICE DAY. He tried to defend himself saying that he was not fooled as he was merely asking whether I was the girl who likes him. My reply to him was, "If you are not fooled, you might as well said 'DON'T BELIEVE' instead of asking me who that girl is." I finally made him surrendered.

I messaged Evelyn telling her that teacher asked her to do presentation on the following day. Actually it was not supposed to be her turn. I told her that the teacher made a mistake in the order of the presentations and required her to present first. She called me right after she received the message. I know she is gullible. I told her it was a joke and she said I gave her the shock of her life as she hadn't prepared (she was at the graveyard, by the way).

I trick all these people through sms so that they do not see my expression and will take the messages for real. :o)