Monday, October 31, 2005


ain't i photogenic?

i'm dozing off..

ouch! my head is stuck..

can anyone out there tickle me, please?

when is my rice coming??

Saturday, October 22, 2005

plans for the holidays..

spm's not even started and i am already making plans for the holidays..shatirah had asked me to go to genting and malacca with a few other friends but i turned it down..why? i wanted to go but i just don't have the courage to ask dad..i know he won't allow me to go for trips with friends without the supervision from adults..

i guess i just have to plan simple hang-outs with friends not across the ipoh border, like jusco and parade? he will definitely allow that, i know..

or maybe just find a part-time job to fill up the excessive amount of time i have at home and get a course or something?

maybe this is not the right time to plan as i haven't even make plans to score in spm..i still want more miracles to happen to help me get through the exam comfortably..

Sunday, October 09, 2005

a day trip to midvalley..

class party was yesterday but i couldn't make it so i didn't get to enjoy the food and all..anyway, i had a great time shopping at midvalley..

-my mom bought a red collar for saffy (just in case you 've got no idea who saffy is, she's my puppy)

-a cat from pet's wonderland scratched my dad's finger till it bled

-went hunting for shoes at various shop lots and found two lovely pairs (not for myself though..i think i'll search for mine at the night market;)..)

-ate laksa (my favourite)..we managed to find a place to sit as it's the fasting month..

-strolling and strolling.....and.......strolling....

-mom bought me a hairclip from evita (green colour of course)

we were there for i think about 5 to 6 hours..then we went to the airport and had dinner at kfc...the variety bucket...yummy..(at least i still got to eat kfc in kl when all my friends are enjoying kfc in ipoh)