Friday, December 31, 2010

Malacca Trip (22-25 Dec 2010)

This is my very first post written in Penang. When you have never left home, you never knew the meaning of missing home. I do miss home. I guess this is what happens to everyone who leaves home for the first time. I will get used to it gradually.

Time to blog about the Malacca trip with family from 22-25 December 2010. In less than two hours it will be 2011. So this means this is also the last entry for year 2010. How the year went by in a blink.

The first food (our lunch) we ate at Malacca was none other than the famous chicken rice ball.

In a nutshell

The 'nga choi gai' Malacca style

Assam fish

Rice balls

We stayed at Avillion Legacy Malacca for the three nights we were there. I just realised I didn't snap a lot of photos of what we did but only what I find interesting such as the bullock cart below. We took the bullock cart ride on the 23rd, if I am not mistaken. It has been so many days that I cannot remember the events clearly.

RM10 per ride

It was indeed a bumpy ride. But I love the ride so much that one round along the dirt road felt very short.

As we were leaving the parking lot of the bullock carts.

The next stop is The Crocodile Farm or Taman Buaya in BM. At first I thought there will only be a few crocodiles but the farm had other surprises. The first thing that caught our attention was a park with models of Malaysia's famous buildings and a bridge.

The Penang bridge

I have been to A Famosa!!

Walking further into the park.

And then we saw an enclosed area with muddy water and some creatures swimming inside.

Can you spot a crocodile?

This croc was smiling like this =)

Another crocodile captivated by the camera. *See my beautiful set of teeth. Teehee!*

The smiling croc from afar.

They are known as the Estuarine Crocodile or Buaya Tembaga.

More pictures of crocodiles. Too lazy to put caption. Hehehe....

The crocodiles here prefer clean water!

This crocodile was poked by a long stick because the owner was trying to force it to go into the water. But it remained stubborn and continued its slumber.

This crocodile is of a different species. I think it is from India.

Beautiful dark-coloured croc

This croc is Quasimodo because it has a hunchback.

When I say the Crocodile Farm comes with surprises, I mean surprises like we get to see other things other than crocodiles.

They have an aviary too!

Mandarin ducks!

This yellow birdie was very clever. It wanted food but didn't wanted to land on my dad's hand. So cute!

When one saw the palm oil seed, more came to get their share.

Look, there's another two!

And they began to grow in numbers.

Some already feasting on the palm oil seed.

There's also a peacock standing nearby.

It was not afraid of the camera. Proud peacock indeed.

A bird that looked like it was standing on my dad's palm to get the palm oil seed but it was still hanging from the branch.

I gave the seed to this birdie. See how he's enjoying the treat!

This one got tired of palm oil seed and decided to try some other seeds left by the peacock. This was also where the peacock was standing just now.

After visiting the aviary, we went to the reptile section where we could see snakes and other creepy crawlies. There was a raccoon too. Too bad no photos were snapped from the reptile section.

Finally, end of tour at the Crocodile Farm. There were some baby buaya tembaga outside the farm.

Say hi to baby croc!!

Goodbye, Taman Buaya Melaka!

The following day which was Christmas Eve, we went to Tan Kim Hock to buy some food souvenirs.

The products were stacked up so high that I was afraid they would fall any time.

Durian cakes galore!

A cute teddy purposefully put inside the trolley to give dad a shock. Hahaha!!! He pulled the bear by the ear and removed it from the trolley instantly.

We had Nyonya food for lunch at Nancy's Kitchen. We had to wait for a long time for the food to come. The shop was that popular.

Nyonya Popiah

Eunice waiting happily although there's no brinjal ordered.

After what felt almost hours of waiting, our food arrived.

Kangkung fried with belacan

Egg fried with cincalok


Assam meat

Walking was a joy in Malacca town because we got to notice shops that we would never have noticed in the car.

We found a museum that featured all Nyonya furniture and decorative items.

This reminded me of Little Nyonya.

Cute little piggies!

Malaysian version of Hachiko?


The traditional Nyonya outfit

Models of Nyonya houses

We also tried mille crepe at Nadeje in one of the shopping malls.

Original flavour at its best.

Banana chocolate flavoured. Too sweet for my liking.

Next was satay celup for pre-dinner.

Everyone dipping the satay into the sauce to cook it as well as to flavour it.

I slept early on Christmas Eve and before I knew it, it's already Christmas morning. Went to City Community Church for their Christmas service. It was short and interesting.

The stage and the pulpit

The worship leader having her last round of practice.

Aunty Julie took us out for a spin and we came to this Everly Resort with the seaview. It was breathtaking.

The apartments

Four days three nights in Malacca flew by in a breeze. It was indeed a very enjoyable trip with family and I wish we will be able to travel together again in no time. :)