Friday, April 23, 2010

Keropok lekor

Continuation from the previous post. Another two additional pictures from Ju Dee's camera.

Try guessing which is Ju Dee's and Patricia's hand.

The plastic that came with the bracelet. Poor Patricia. Her name has been misspelled terribly. And Ju Dee has turn into Jude the dude.

A special credit for Patricia for bringing back such delicious keropok lekor from Terengganu.

After frying

Absolutely delicious when dipped in sauce before putting into your mouth.

P.S. Crystle has turned into a kutu dog. Time to add some kerosene in her shampoo.

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Anonymous said...

running so fast and at last I reach you blog.. wonderful post - so long din eat keropok lekor already. I remember last time years ago, one of the neighbors would fry keropok lekor and gave us some. Miss those days.. Got to run again.. running out of time... will be back soon.