Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free from the clutches of EXAM!

Finally, the exam is over! Hip hip hooray! The papers were... I am speechless. I came home dizzy so you can imagine how bad it was. No hope for scoring well now. =(

I shall keep my promise in posting this delayed post on what we had for lunch on the 20th April. We only paid RM15 for everything! The ala carte voucher is better than the dinner vouchers.

Lamb Shank (RM29,90) with free flow of Coke

Chicken Lasagna (RM17.90)

Baby back beef (RM48.90)

Seafood Lasagna (RM19.90)

I am not addicted to Facebook! It's just Restaurant City. Whoever invented this, you RUIN my life! I think I am going to get RC-titis.

Still in the process to turn everyone I know into my chefs and waiters and cleaners. I want more workers!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cramming season

One paper down and there's another three more to go. I don't know what to expect but I just hope all will go well. Halfway through cramming Principles of Front Office now. Brain hurts. Ouch! But it's the only way I could manage to remember.


I am giving false teaching here. I shall rectify that.




A note to Joanna: Procrastination made me busy! Hahaha!!!

Next post: Lunch pictures from the hotel!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beachside dinner

I am currently having a short break in Penang. The trip was so far, so good. The dinner by the beach was great. I ate like a queen (lamb, chicken, cheeses, potatoes, carbs, prawns, cakes and more). Really loved the environment there and fortunately it wasn't that warm. However, the singers for the night were not as good as the last time I came. What happened to Mr. Oompa Loompa (he was the guy who sang beautifully each time we went for dinner who also has a striking resemblance to the Oompa Loompa in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)? Tonight, another man replaced him on stage. Or has he signed contracts with some recording company?

The keypad on the Mini 9 is so narrow that I have to be careful especially typing with numb fingers (the air-cond in the living room is icy cold!!)

The memory space on the phone is almost full so did not snap any pictures of the beautiful twilight by the beach. What a waste.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Short sentences

Finals in one week's time. Assignments' piled up.

Yet I have touched either one. I can't wait for May to come.

These days I am at a lost for words. Probably I am saving them up for finals.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A must-watch video

Watch this video and you will never take food for granted again. The next time you order your food, think about the people who do not have a choice in their food consumption.

I learnt my lesson. I shall not waste food anymore. What about you?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Post KL trip

4 April 2009

As planned previously, we took the 9 a.m. train to KL Sentral from Ipoh station. There were very few of us but we did enjoyed ourselves.

Here are some pictures from the KL trip. The train took 3.25 hours to reach KL Sentral from Ipoh. I kind of like the journey in the train.

Snapped somewhere near Batu Gajah (I am sure it's around there because I didn't notice there is a Batu Gajah stop until Rooney told me)

Take two

We finally reached the busy city and took another train to Midvalley.

Look at the hamster running madly round and round, round and round...

Being a law breaker is kind of fun! This picture is illegally snapped from Pets Wonderland where no photographing is allowed.

Another shot of the cutey pies!

I shall not bore you with the details of the trip because we spent most of our time window shopping. Only once, Ju Dee pleaded for me to push her out of a shop because she fell in love with a top, which I gladly did. =)

Something scandalous happened in Subway Sandwiches.

Can you guess who she is?

As we waited for the train to come from KL Sentral to Midvalley station, I got so bored waiting that I snapped the picture of the human galore across the rail.

These people were the ones taking the Seremban train.

And they were sandwiched like the Subway Sandwiches.

We went back by the 9.45 p.m. train and it felt like the morning train that we took was just a moment ago. How the day had gone by so fast, I had no idea.


I actually enjoyed my first classes today. Totally interesting. =)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Dinner at ICCC

The dinner just now was really a surprise. Initially, I was thinking of getting something from the night market just like most Fridays when my dad suddenly called me to tell me to get ready for dinner at Ipoh City & Country Club (ICCC).

So what was the occasion?

I first thought it was a wedding. When we reached ICCC, my dad's friend, Mr. Baskaran (the one who invited us for dinner since he had some extra tickets) took us to the karaoke floor (known as I-box) and showed us around since the dinner is not served yet. We even went into one of the rooms and he sang a couple of songs; one which I could not recall the title by Alleycats and Black Magic Woman by Santana.

So, the dinner started and it was then that I realized what occasion it was. It's the Vasaikhi celebration by the Sikhs. Throughout the dinner, we were entertained by various perfomances. The most outstanding performance was no doubt the belly dance - performed by two adorable girls of 8 or 9 years old. Two gentlemen gave them some tokens of appreciation (I think I saw some red notes) during their routine. Not to forget that there's also a drag queen performance; lip-synching and dancing on stage. I feel embarrassed watching him or her not because I was irked by a guy performing like a girl up stage but because I knew that I could never be that graceful. I cannot dance at all.

We had soup first.

The ingredients consisted of mushrooms, shredded prawns, squids and fish and some other unidentified ingredients. My opinion? It was so delicious that I had two bowls of it.

The following courses:

I was too shy to snap the dishes individually so here's a picture that I snapped discretely from where I sat. As you can see, there's a plate of fried chicken with lemon sauce, fried fish with some soya sauce (I think) and mixed vegetables cooked with sambal belacan.

They even have some games organized for the guests to participate in. Sis took part in the blow-the-balloon-till-it-burst game and she was the champ! Her prize was a mug from ICCC. Not bad, really.

In about 7 hours' time, I willl be experiencing my first train ride (not taking LRTs and monorail into account) to KL. I am so excited! I hope I won't be spending any money aside from food.

P/S: I was just reading about the demise of the 12-year-old terrapin and I was thinking if I had been too heartless not to post an obituary about it like I did to a few other terapins in the past. Somehow, I didn't have the heart to do obituaries anymore. They are too sad to be written.

Friday, April 03, 2009

March marched off and here comes April

The semester is almost coming to an end. It's April already! The last three months had passed me by so swiftly that I had trouble remembering whether I have made full use of them or not.

I hope I had.

The night class tonight (or rather last night) was tiring. We actually spent most of the time writing notes. I guess it's his way to compensate for the lost lesson last week. One thing good about it was, my handwriting got better as I wrote (Practice makes perfect?). The bad thing was, I had sore fingers by the end of class.

Another new chapter is about to unfold. I am anticipating it.