Saturday, August 17, 2019

An impending change and Choco

My working life has changed. It might not seem so yet, but it is definitely coming. For good or bad, only time can tell. Will this newcomer be supportive and not try to take control over all things? I just hope the change will be for the better, and most importantly, no one is slighted.

I told my comrades, we are all in the same boat. We have one another. I need to constantly remind myself that no matter what others say, I have to keep an objective mindset to avoid being judgmental.

As I’m typing this, something warm and black but constantly itchy is sitting beside me on the sofa. Oh, how he loves the sofa - the forbidden item at home which we now relinquished to his control for a couple more days.

His name is Choco, named after the forbidden ingredient that will cause death to his kind when ingested for long term in a considerable amount.

Choco emitting powerful signals from his eyes to get something 
How can you say no to that doe-eyed dog?

His deer-like ears, too large for his small face, are constantly searching for sounds to have reasons for his heart freezing screams. His cuteness disappears for a moment whenever that happens.

Now resting on the covered sofa, his mind slowly drifts into the world where sleeping canines go.

I wonder if he dreams about his real family?

Or maybe he dreams of some delicious beef jerky suited only for human consumption which he robbed from midair last weekend.

His body relaxes as his sleep gets deeper. Even his jaw relaxes showing his two rows of white teeth, worthy of a toothpaste commercial.

Good night, kangaroo dog.

Savour your precious time on this temporary throne before your demotion back to the balcony with sea view.