Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crystle, all fluffy and hyped up!

It's been a while since Crystle is being featured in this blog. I shall give her the honour to be the main character today.

29 December 2009: Bath Day!

She gets her free spa every now and then (in an average of a few weeks once)

Enjoying every bit of it.

Too bad Eunice's face was cut off or it will make a really fine picture.

This morning: All fluffy and playful!

Crystle gets all hyped up every morning and likes to play with us. This morning, she had learned a new trick. THE DOUBLE HIGH FIVE!!

After numerous attempts.

Don't ever let me go!

It's always very entertaining when Crystle is play-crazy. She will do stupid stuffs that will make us laugh.

Monday, December 28, 2009

On the fourth day of Christmas

The first three days of Christmas is over and soon the fourth will be gone by midnight. Who says Christmas ends on the 25th? Every day is Christmas. I would love to think that the birth of Christ is not only a one-day event but it's an ongoing gift that never expires.

I have mixed feelings about the start of a new semester on 4th January. Happy because I get to meet my friends again but I am dreading the soon-to-be-causing-me headaches assignments. Oh, and not to forget the amount of activities that our hotel club is obliged with. I will stick to my priority no matter what. I go to college to study and not to do other nonsense that do not contribute to any inputs to my almost damaged brain from the daily torture by assignments.

On a happier note, my E730 is resting in peace forever with its duty taken over by Samsung Corby. I love that new baby of mine. The battery lifespan is just spectacular. I have charged it only once (didn't charge it full) two day ago and now I still have 2/5 bars left. Amazing! Message capacity is great as well.. I can keep 500 smses (don't know how true that is, still waiting for my inbox to be full) and the font is cute.

Just playing with the camera. Forgive the quality. The camera does not come with a flash.

Crystle didn't know it's a camera staring at her

Another shot of her dumbness

Okay, I should stop blabbering about the phone and end the post here. Too lazy to find the camera so, there's no picture. :-P

It looks the same as the ones you can find in the Internet so here's a chance for you to do some exercise with your fingers by starting typing to google it up. I am so bad.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Hi! I am back from busyness. Christmas was great and it motivates me to update today.

I went to Genting for the first time on 16 December 2009 and it was fun. I shall let the pictures do all the talking. All the pictures are stolen from Patricia. Hehe..

In the Beryl House (if I am not mistaken) in theme park.

My hou ji mui and me

Who can give me such huge chocolate? I will love you forever!

While on the Showboat Fantasy ride, Patricia snapped this photo. The cycling was tiring!!!

Nicky and Mickey

Too bored waiting in line for the roller coaster ride - Corkscrew


In the museum:

Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni. Don't they look like the pandas from Olympics 2008?

Tiny Genting built to scale.

When the mist came, First World disappeared!

On the way to check into our apartment. We stayed on the 17th floor. The scenery was spectacular from that height!

We had our dinner at Coffee Terrace. Locals, Nyonya, Western, Japanese and Indian cuisine were prepared for us to pick. The variety is awesome!

Patricia's first plate.

My first plate.

Desserts for sweet lovers!

Marshmallows and chocolate sauce!

Look at how hou ji mui enjoyed eating her ice-cream!

After the buffet

Everyone in!

I was initially afraid to hold the snowman just in case it electrocutes me.

On the second day (17 Dec), we went to Ripley's Believe It Or Not! and the things being displayed were so many that I cannot remember what I have seen now.

Some of the prominent ones:

The fertility statues. Rumoured to be effective if women touch them. Who wants to get pregnant now?

A painting painted with coffee


This is one of the best. There's a jewel in there as you can see but you can neither touch it nor feel it.

I still feel the same. Not true!

Capturing shadows. A flash appeared and our shadows will be stuck to the white background. I wonder how it works.

It was a wonderful trip. I want to thank my friends who made it happened. Let's go for another trip. Yeah!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I may as well twit

One more trip to write about but I am too lazy. Will be heading south to Seremban tomorrow so the post will come after that.

Christmas is coming!!!! Let's rejoice on this day that the Lord has come!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Carpe Manana - Seize Tomorrow (Harvest Haven Youth Camp)

13-15 December 2009

Carpe Manana. That was the theme for this year's Youth Camp which mean Seize Tomorrow in Spanish. Our groups were given names in various languages of 'tomorrow' such as Demain (in French), Domani (in Italian), Morgen (in German) and also Avrio (in Greek). The names sound so glamourous, don't they?

We reached Harvest Haven (situated in Gopeng) about 3 in the afternoon and I was so excited because the campsite was a real beauty. There were 16 bathrooms altogether with so many rooms that I could not bother to count them. (I know the number of toilets because someone told me.)

Interior (sorry, forgot to snap the picture of the exterior of the bungalow)

Swimming pool for a dip! Too bad I did not bring swimsuit. Too lazy to swim anyway. Hehe...

Everyone was busy settling down upon arrival

There were a few dogs at the campsite and this one above is named Jelly. Very friendly dog. Another white dog seemed friendly but he's definitely fierce. Coven (not sure of the spelling) said that the dogs there are fierce towards backsliders. Not sure how true that was though.

I love the pool so much that I have to post another shot of it.

Every group did their devotion at different locations of the campsite and I chose the pool side since I love the pool so much!

This was Domani saying grace before breakfast on the first morning the following day (14 Dec).

Games time. This was the station where we had to answer questions from the 'healer' to get 3 of our group members to be healed. They were blinded, hands tied to the back and feet tied together respectively.

Although my group came in last in the games, we did enjoy ourselves. Good job done on the games, Emily and Sue Jane!

It was Bro. Chan's birthday too! Happy happy birthday to you!

Best camperesses. This year, we had two best camperesses instead of one.

Two best campers too.

Some of us in my room of 5 people.

Everyone getting ready to say sayonara to Harvest Haven.

Group picture. I miss you all.

One crazy shot before we part ways.

Aside from the fun moments I had with friends, I had an amazing spiritual and personal encounter with God and it was so comforting to know what He told me.

No matter how far I am from Him, especially during the times when I am facing troubles and sorrowful moments, our bond will never be broken because He will never ever forsake me as I am His child. I should not be doubtful or fearful about making a move in life because He will be my guiding light.

God has also reminded me to be dependent on Him in every circumstance and He's never far away. The distance is only a prayer away.

During the ministering, my tears kept flowing as I felt the words so strongly and was touched by the Holy Spirit because no matter how undeserving I am of His love, He still cares for me. Before I express, He already knows what's in my heart. How can I not love you more each day, Lord?