Friday, December 18, 2009

Bukit Merah Family Day

Updated post with pictures!

I have three trips to write about and if I don't start right now, I am afraid I will not update about the trips at all. I don't know where the camera is so I shall update without the pictures first. Stay tuned! The pictures are coming!

So we reached Bukit Merah at 9am on the fine morning of 12 December and we were excited because we thought that the Waterworld had lots to offer. Well, it was kind of disappointing for me because I could not play the slides and the wave pool does not have waves but it was a good and refreshing retreat for families.

The following picture is available because it so happened to be in my phone memory. This was snapped when my sis and I were sky-cycling. The amazing thing about this ride was that we were in control in moving or stopping the ride.

I didn't know there are sheep in Malaysia, or even more surprisingly, in Perak!

The officiator (don't really remember who he was) officiated the Family Day. I was waiting to see the balloons soared into the sky but they didn't. They were attached to strings tied to the drain cover.

Bro and sis enjoying the ceremony

There were no pictures of us playing in the water and the Boomerang because the camera could not breathe underwater. So I shall fast-forward to the time when we had changed and headed to the chair lift section.

The journey began! Higher, higher!!

The view from the chair lift is spectacular. Look at the midgets playing in the water!

Another shot of us

Who wanna dive in?

Halfway through the chair lift ride, we could choose to get down and explore the surroundings of the resort and snap photos. How nice it is to stay on the water for a retreat! I want to try this one day.

What was that? A hut where the ducks meet.

That ferry took passengers to the Orang Utan Island.

Ecopark as the background

Our very first sky-cycling ride. See the pedals for our arms?

Truly muscle-building. We cycled across the lake.

Bro enjoying his RM5 arm workout.

We ventured into the forest.

Dad and bro followed closely behind.

Say cheese for the lens!

Taking a break from pedalling.


Remember the sheep I posted at the beginning of this entry? A clearer picture!

Everyone let's sing Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb...

Back to chair-lifting to the exit.


The orange tubes really enhanced the beauty of the waterpark.

Everything was so bluish that day. So harmonious!

Rest areas for tired parents.

Paddle Pop balloon without the water.

After the water came flowing down

We were still so fair at the end of the day! Heehee!!

Peace to the pail

-End of pictures-

We had lunch after that and the food was near terrible. Still edible but it was not delicious. Reached home at about 2.30pm and I was so knocked out that I slept till 5 something. I would have slept longer if I hadn't need to go to church that night for the traditional stayover before youth camp.

Next post will be about Harvest Haven Youth Camp 2009! The best camp of the year!

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