Monday, February 28, 2011

Obesity at its limit

Found a queer video. Is this person real?

I feel sad watching this. :(

Hokkien Char

Had dinner with Kah Men yesterday evening just below her flat. I ordered something which I have never tried before.

Hokkien Char. Check it out.

With two large prawns.

What did I think about the meal? I think it was just okay and not to the point that I would say yummy.

Close-up picture

It's RM3.50 per plate. After 2 months of staying in Penang, I found out that the food here tasted good generally and I have yet to taste horrible food. Thank God for good food!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chicken rice for lunch

Yesterday morning, as I walked out of the condo, I saw the day brightening.

The indescribable colour of the horizon.

On the way to the guard house at around 7.00am.

The scene was totally different this morning.

This was snapped around 8.50am. The pool and field of Uplands International School.

The bus came by not long after I waited and there's this cute kid looking and smiling at me.

I don't know the gender. He could be a boy. I saw him again on the ride home after church service. What a coincidence!

Pastor Isaac Chan finished the mini series on Leviticus 1-3 about the 3/5 types of offerings namely, burnt offering, grain offering and peace offering. Next, he would be sharing on the lies we tell ourselves. Sounds interesting.

I was debating between eating from Burma Road but I finally decided on coming back to Ferringhi to eat chicken rice. It's been a while since I last tasted Chinese food.

Yummy chicken!

The rice and soup.

Total I spent for lunch today: RM3.30

Now it's time to mop the floor! I shall wrap up here.

Again, I had a dream about Crystle appearing at home but this time the scenario was different. We were staying in some sort of apartment where we were not afraid to let her out of the house. So funny. I think it's a sign we are getting a new dog soon.

It's Sunday again!

I had my first ride on the Rapid Penang to Queensbay Mall today. It was indeed a long ride. I thought the journey would cost me RM6.10 to go there but the 304 driver only charged Kah Men and me RM2 instead of RM3.40 from Komtar to Queensbay. I bought a brand new packet of Ibumie, eggs and a tin of crackers back. I felt I needed to do my groceries there since it's very far from Ferringhi. I doubt I will be going there anymore by bus. Hehehe!!

Tomorrow is my off day! Going to stay home most of the day and do some mopping.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Buffet at Sandy Bay Paradise

Had my dinner today at Sandy Bay Paradise. It's been quite a while since I had buffet. :)

Our table very far away from Laksa Woman. Hehehe!!! So happy!

I had chicken salad, coleslaw, prawns, mushroom soup with two pieces of toasted bread, spaghetti bolognaise, baked potatoes, baked seafood, a piece of chocolate cake, puddings, custard, ice-cream and glasses of orange juice.

That's a lot for a regular dinner, isn't it?

My left wrist is a little painful when I bend it with the palm facing outward. I guess I sprained it. Could it be due to carrying heavy loads? I have no idea.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Melanie!

When you spend too long at a certain place, you begin to feel more at home and soon you run out of things to write about that place. Been in the spa for too long and now I feel the need to change environment. Anyway, I just remembered something that happened for the first time last night at the spa. Since this was something new, I shall blog about it.


Some guests who were in the villas were scared. There was one who was filling in the consultation card when it happened. What a night! Good thing it was less than a minute. :)

Okay, that's it about the spa. The work routine was normal as per other days.

I bought nasi lemak for my brunch and on the way to the stall, I saw Prem at another stall helping out. Hmm, I wonder what he's doing there.

Last but not least, I dedicate the post from this point on to Melanie Chew. Have an awesome birthday at Cafe de Arc.

Happy 24th Birthday!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Monopoly Millionaires on Facebook!

A few days ago, I came home and while passing by the 'depoh sampah' where all the residents throw their rubbish, I saw a sight that I have never seen before. There were many cats sitting on top of the huge garbage cans staring at me as I looked at them. So now I know where the cats live and survive on. They have garbage cans as their homes and the garbage as their daily staple.

I have been playing Treasure Madness for almost the whole of last year but recently I got tired of the never ending of digging for treasures. I have a new found interest now. It's the classic Monopoly designed to be played alone.

The game is fairly simple. Each Facebook account holder has his/her very own Monopoly board where they build and upgrade houses. To upgrade a house, one must roll on the boards of their friends to get property cards. When a certain group colour has sufficient number of property cards, you can upgrade a house of that colour.

This is my board. It is very difficult to build a hotel because I need friends to help me with it.

The moment when I landed in jail.

To get out of jail, I need to get doubles at the first roll. If not, I have to wait for 3 minutes before I can be free. Being the impatient me, I will simply hop to other friends' boards and keep rolling in search for property cards and money. :)


There is a new posting in Petfinder. Let's get to know her closer.

Meet Girl Girl.

Looking so sweet in her pink collar with a bell.

She loves to play too!

Will you adopt me? I will be a very good companion.

Temporary Fosterer:


Age:2 Months
Color:Brown, Cream, White
Size at Maturity:Small
Hair Length:Short
Health Condition:Healthy
Location:Ipoh, Perak
Adoption Fee:Free

About The Pet

She will poo at the same place, lovely, and active !
For those who are interested in adopting her, please do contact Elaine Phua - 0126962980
Location - Kampar, Perak.
*Transport is not provided.

On another note, I still have one public holiday to clear. Maybe I will clear it in the first week of March so that it will not be burnt when I move to the next department.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The day when I worked in two departments

I had my first experience working at Spice Market Cafe last night and I kind of love it there because time speeds fast. Everyone will be asking for your assistance and it's a challenging work to remember each task when all came rapidly one after another.

I was in spa from 3-7pm and went off to SMC at 7pm. I felt like a model changing uniform rushing from one department to the other. After finishing my 3-hour work at SMC, I changed back into spa uniform for the remaining 1-hour work at the spa. Actually there was not much to do at spa but I just want to help with the closing since I was supposed to be there initially.

The day ended pretty well and today I will not be going to SMC. Now I get a clearer picture of how the things work there and I can be mentally prepare myself to work fast. Just like the online games like Diner Rush, speed is very important. :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Garden Banquet

Yesterday was a pretty long day for me. Went to church in the morning and then to work in a banquet in the afternoon till the clock stroke 12am. It was good exercise though, I should say although my limbs ached like crazy this morning. :)

The topic of the sermon was about grain offering. The funny thing was I could smell bread throughout the sermon and I thought they were baking bread somewhere. Then Pastor Isaac mentioned that he could smell the bread too. It wasn't my imagination after all. Weird huh? Next week, the sermon will be on peace offering.


It was my first time donning the Spice Market Cafe (SMC) uniform and I felt most comfortable wearing this compared to the Spa or the Banquet uniform.

All ready for work!

The pants had got so many pockets. Huge pockets.

So the event was a garden wedding and it was the first garden banquet every organized in the hotel. At first thougt, I was thinking a garden wedding would be lovely and romantic but later, I thought otherwise.


The nightmare would be for the ladies especially, when their make-ups start to run and they look like corpse bride, perspiring till they turn sticky like stickers.

If I ever get married, I will NEVER opt for a garden banquet. Maybe a garden wedding ceremony (yes, this will be romantic because it will only be for a while in the outdoor) and an INDOOR banquet in a ballroom or something.

Back to the event:

The decoration of the ceiling of the banquet 'hall'. It's actually a canopy.

This reminded me of a drama "Under the Canopy of Love".

Evol and I were wondering if these flowers were real because they felt like fake flowers and did not have any scent. In the end, we got to know that they were real flowers.

The table setting

The VIP table

Everything was red

The entrance of the canopy.

I was not assigned to any tables because I was supposed to serve the pre-dinner drinks at the wedding reception where the bride and groom had their tea ceremony outside the canopy. My job during the dinner was to check on the beverage but I helped bringing out the dishes as well because I felt I needed to do more.

The night was a success. Everyone went home happy even the casual workers because we get paid for another extra hour. :D

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A date with Cecilia over two glasses of Iced Lemon Tea

Business is picking up at the spa. For the past few days, I feel very sleepy at work because no guest means there is nothing for the reception to do. Tomorrow is my off day but I volunteered to help out in banqueting from 3-11pm tomorrow. :D

Looking at the Petfinder website again and saw another new puppy being put up for adoption. This time, let's meet Pixie, the Spitz mix.

She looks so much like Crystle with the dirty patch on her head. Not that Crystle has a patch like that permanently but she gets it occasionally when she crawls under the car or bike out of naughtiness.

She is 6 months old. We are still looking for a potential pet dog. Will it be Pixie? Who knows?


Later in the evening just now, Cecilia messaged me in Facebook chat asking me out for dinner. I already had dinner at the hotel so I tagged along for a glass of iced lemon tea. Initially I thought I would be home in less than half an hour but we could chat a lot. I love talking to her. She understands my feelings. I guess maturity is the factor. When you talk to someone less immature than you, you really feel like giving them a tight slap in the face. Wish I could do that to someone right now. Kakakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Delicious glass of iced lemon tea.

For the time being, everything in Penang is yummy to me.

Got nothing better to do because Cecilia was speaking over the phone with her long lost friend so I played with the straw.

Cecilia playing with her food. Naughty naughty!!

As it was a roadside stall, Kak Ummi did not have a proper built-in sink.

They only have this.

Very innovative right?

After dinner, I got myself an ice-cream from Seven Eleven. I didn't know there was a Kit Kat flavour.

With a bar of Kit Kat in the middle. Me ♥ it! RM2.80.

The Kit Kat bar. Can you see it?

Thanks for fetching me out, Cecilia! We shall hang out more when Kah Men is here. :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cute Cutie

Mom gave me a link to a new puppy for adoption from

Her name is Cutie. Every puppy is cute in its own ways. As for Cutie, she has beautiful brown eyes and white-furred chest.

Any potential adopters out there? I wish to adopt her. If only she is a little younger. It might be hard to train her since she is 5 months old.

Update about the lost kitty a.k.a. Crystle.

Someone from Facebook saw her in First Garden area walking with an old man a few days ago. I do have my doubts that the dog he saw is Crystle but it's no harm trying to find her in that direction. Let's continue to keep Crystle in our prayers. God will do a miracle and in the end, everyone will be happy with the outcome. I strongly believe that.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chinese Valentine

This morning when I opened the fridge inside the pantry at the spa, I saw something so disgusting that some of you might even shudder at the sight of it. For me, I almost jumped when I saw it.

Are you ready?

You need to be mentally prepared to view this.

You sure you are ready?

I am going to reveal the picture now.



Please do not scream, okay?

Here it is.

SUPER DISGUSTING!!! I had no idea how the lizard went into the fridge and treated the plate like its home.

That was not all. As I looked closely, I saw that its belly was moving, increasing the rate of disgust that I had. IT WAS STILL ALIVE!! Goodness.

The lizard episode was over soon after and I did not follow up about its tragic ending. It was another boring day at the spa and the weather was crazily humid today just like the past few days.

Thank God CNY is over so I think the good weather will be here soon!

Before I forget, Happy Chinese Valentine, everyone! I went to Esplanade (initially I thought it was X Planet as mentioned by Cecilia - homonyms can be so confusing at times!) with Cecilia after work with the sole intention to see the lion dance but due to the drizzle, it was postponed to don't know when. Maybe after the fireworks?

We toured for a few times around that area looking for a parking lot. In the end, she parked on the yellow line. Good thing no summon was issued.

Below are pictures snapped from the event.

The clock tower mentioned by mom. This picture was snapped inside the moving car.

I was not satisfied since I could not get a clear picture so I tried and tried snapping again and again.

Another shot. Better?

Tried the night mode and the lights looked so colourful. Somehow distracting though.

Another night mode shot.

Normal mode. This was the best I could get.

I finally gave up and proceeded to the field.

Picture in picture. Me snapping Cecilia snapping picture.

When we reached, we had to use the umbrella as it was slightly drizzling. Then something captured our gaze.

This guy had such long dreadlocks. Wow!

The Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng giving his speech.

Meanwhile, my eyes were roaming everywhere looking at the surroundings. It was not as crowded as I thought it would be. Where were the Penangites?

The MPPP building fully lighted!

So beautiful! Wow! Cecilia snapped many pictures of this.

The food fair was still available so we went to see what were there to eat.

This stall sells wanton noodles.

Cecilia bought some popiah and she halved it with me and then I saw my favourite stall.


That's a lion and a giraffe on the plastic cup. What a cute cup.

Brought to you by EC Safari. The cup landed in the dustbin soon after I had consumed the bubble milk tea. The whole Safari team got thrown away by me. So sad.

We were very excited when we thought that the lion dance was about to start since the team seemed to be setting up the props.

We stood at a strategic spot and waited.

And waited.

And nothing happened.

And we finally realised.

They were not setting up. They were actually covering the prop so that if there were to be any rain, it would not get wet. What a disappointment. :(

Poor Cecilia didn't get to see her lion dance after all.

Another food stall that sells chestnuts and peanuts. In short, the nutty stalls.

The price looked as though it was made from car number plates. Interesting indeed.

We strolled after the no-lion-dance-realisation and saw a backdrop where people queue up to snap photos. I was too lazy to queue up but at the same time wanting to snap a photo of the backdrop so this was what I did.

I just snapped the backdrop with anybody posing in front of it. Solved my problem of waiting for my turn. Saved me lots of time too!

Some guys wearing colourful lighted up Minnie bow hairbands! They looked really awkward. Hahaha!!!

An array of designs and colours to choose from.

They had horns one too! Oh, by the way, I asked her to pose for the picture. This was not a candid.

I also recorded a short video of the performances.

Look at the people all paying attention to the performance while at the same time waiting for the lion dance to start.

Cecilia and I could not wait any longer so we went home shortly after 9. It was great fun although we missed the dance, wasn't it?

Another thing that I missed was the tangerine tossing event. I really wanted to see how it was done. Too bad. Maybe another year. :P